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Committee: General Assembly Sixth Committee
Country: Islamic Republic of Iran
Delegate Name: Stefan Deric
1.Acheving women’s rights worldwide through traditional values
Western government’s have a tendency to inaccurately describe Iranian women as a
population stripped of their basic human rights, as part of the propaganda scheme to discredit
the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Contrary to some beliefs the national
government of the Islamic Republic of Iran is committed to improving the rights of women
through traditional Islamic values. Women hold key and managerial position’s in
governmental institutions and the private sector. Every year more female students are
admitted into university in the Islamic Republic of Iran and shortly afterwards enter the
workforce, something that is unimaginable in other neighbouring Islamic countries.
Although the Islamic Republic of Iran did NOT sign the UN Convention on the Elimination
of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) because the Islamic
government believes it favours the western view of equality towards women.
Our government has been focused in protecting woman’s rights through education and strict
laws, today about 65% of the science students are female, women are represented in the
Islamic Consultative Assembly also known as the Iranian Parliament.
2. How the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran is willing to protect women’s
On the national level the government has been keen on protecting the rights of women.
In case of a divorce the children are usually given a female custody.
In case of a sexual offence or human trafficking the death penalty is imposed.
In case of women being the victims of violence they are protected by law enforcement.
Social services are open to anyone.
3.In the international organisations:
(Islamic Republic of) Iran will never vote for anything that may impose foreign culture within
it’s borders.
Our government believes that current UN resolutions will NOT benefit women’s rights in a
productive way possible and is against it’s national intrest.