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1-Unit1-Day00-zSelfReflection Teacher WriteSteps

Self Reflection Checklist
Take a few minutes to fill out the Self Reflection Checklist below. Reflect on your
answers. This will determine the skills and procedures that need to be taught
before formal writing instruction begins in Unit 2.
By pro-actively teaching the skills below, you begin to create a well-managed,
successful writing class.
Statements to consider before starting
Unit 1 lessons
This has
I need to
Ongoing teaching or
cover this in
work is needed
Unit 1
I have established how often and for how
long I should teach writing.
It is suggested that students write daily and in all content areas. Plan to teach at least 3 WritingCity
lessons a week in K-1st grade and 4 lessons a week In 2nd-5th grade.
I have scheduled a regular writing block.
It is clear to the students that writing is a valued subject when it is scheduled and not skipped when
the day gets too busy. Also, students are more likely to become proficient when a subject is taught
on a regular basis.
I have considered the options I have for
delivering lesson content.
The lessons can be delivered the same way each day, or by using a variety of approaches: Lesson
Steps (traditional), Engagers (interactive whiteboard), and Captivators (videos available in grades
2-5). In grades 2-5, if the technology is available, students may utilize the student writing platform.
I have talked to my students about the
creative opportunity that free choice writing
It is important to provide free choice writing opportunities for your students. It encourages creativity
and gives them the confidence to communicate their own thoughts and feelings. Consider
keeping a running list of writing topics for those students who have difficulty generating them on
their own.
I have explained to my students that I will
not see everyone’s writing every day.
Students might be accustomed to having all of their writing checked by the teacher. Roving
conferences, looking over a student’s shoulder, and giving praise and/or guidance is a common
procedure. Teachers who use the WritingCity student platform will have easy access to digital
versions of student writing. Explain your assessment procedures to your students so they know what
to expect.
I have discussed what it means to be a good
digital citizen with my students (including,
but not limited to, avoiding plagiarism).
Because many students will have the option to write digitally, it’s important that are reminded to
write safely, responsibly, and ethically.
Classroom Management
I have established an appropriate noise
level for writing time.
It is critical to establish and enforce a productive noise level in Unit 1.
I have taught my students what to do when
they are done.
Some suggestions are: reread the day’s writing, go back to work on an old writing piece, and/or
write in a personal journal.
Many 3rd-5th grade teachers want their students to continue writing. Usually these teachers have
students go back and add onto an old piece or start a new piece.
I have taught my students what to do when
they need help during independent writing
Students should not line up at the teacher’s desk when they need help. Because the teacher’s role
is to help the students with whom they’re conferring, it is important for students to become selfreliant by using resources to work through problems they encounter.
I have talked to my students about doing
their personal best.
WritingCity lessons encourage personal best by giving students the opportunity to celebrate their
achievement and share their work frequently.
I have “Writer’s Notebooks”, folders, red and
blue pens/pencils available for my students
when they are not writing digitally.
If your students are not writing digitally, then it is helpful to have them use spiral bound notebooks,
composition books, and/or binders to keep their writing and resources organized, and red and
blue pens or pencils for revising and editing.
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