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english 300Reflection

Patrick Acholonu
Professor Hess.
English 300 Lec
Dear, Mr. Hess I have come a long way in this class to get where I am today. When I first
began in the class I never took the time to take my time and read the assignments thoroughly and
give complete responses. For example in Ra# 1 my responses were very vague and not informal,
you even commented that my vague responses do not go in detail that shows I have the
understanding of the reading. That “this type of work will not be accepted in the future”. When it
came to RA#2 I made sure that I had an understanding of the text and demonstrated my
understanding with my articulate responses. This shows how I improved my ability to read
assignments thoroughly and share my responses articulately. Learning this will help me in my
302 English class because it requires you to read a variety of books and essay and be able to
analyze the texts, choose a position then write an argumented essay with supporting opinions
with evidence. MLA format is something that I struggle with in the beginning of my writings
and that greatly affected my grade , when it should be easy points to earn in my writing I always
had mla format wrong specifically the work cited page, I would always forget that the work
cited belongs on its own page. In addition I struggled with the proper indentation with my
citations in my work cited page I wouldn’t know how to use a hanging indent properly to
organize my sources correctly. But now with the help of wac instructors I was able to learn how
to do proper mLA citation along with the work cited page and you can see that with my revised
essay they are all in the proper format, compared to my original essays which are not in proper
mLA citation. This save me a lot of time for my future English classes because I wouldn’t have
to spend time to learn how to properly write in MLA format, and not to lose points on
assignments because of Sentence Structures was my most challenging thing for me in this class I
have a tendency to write run on sentence and fragments. Which has affected my grade in
previous writing classes when, I turned in my essay 1 it was filled with fragments. I took the time
to revise it and go see a wac professor to proof read my work. This was the key for all my essays
if you look at all of my essay revisions compared to my original essays you will see a noticeable
different how my sentence structures are complete. Even though my original essays still had
fragments my essay#1 to essay #3 there is noticeable differences between them there is a lot less
grammatical errors in essay #3 compared to essay #1. This shows how I became a better writer
through wac and this class This is something that I will continue to work on in my future English
classes until I achieved mastery in it. Wac and rad were one of the most useful resources that I
used to be improving my writing when you were not present. I thought originally that they
essentially wasted my time and were there just for units. I often found myself going to the
centers because I had a question and you were not available to answer it. Wac helped me with
writing strategies and techniques to be a effective writer such as hooks, thesis statements etc. in
my essay meanwhile, Rad helped me with reading strategize to better understand the text such
as metacognition and schema etc. Overall I have learned more then I thought in such a short
times I am glad I have taken ur class. I had a great experience with everything and I liked the
essay topics they are very engaging and relevant to today’s society, my personal favorite is essay
#3. Because as an African American I can relate to the issues that we face today. In addition I
recommend you continue bad feminist reading again for ur next English classes because even
though a lot of students didn’t enjoy it. It needs to be taught the only way for people to take
feminism seriously people must be educated on the real meaning. And not the stereotype
meaning associated with it. I will continue to use the things I learned in this class in future
English classes so I can be a good writer and not struggle as much, so I can have time to focus in
other classes that need extra work.