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Date : May 24, 2019
Class / Nim : SL 2018 / 1852044009
Topic : final task “Recording microteaching’
Classes are started by memenejem class, which is asking students to search cell phone
and store items that are not related to learning so as not to interfere with the learning process. My
material topic when teaching is Narrative Text. I give one individual assignment and group
assignment. I give material to students, namely the type of narrative text, general structure and
language features. During learning takes place students are partly active and also passive.
When I throw a question at them about distinguishing types of narrative text, but students
become confused and do not understand. Maybe in the future I have to explain to them the
understanding and then give an example. My first activity was to give an individual task of
guessing the title of the story by reading the sentence. Students themselves do not get into
When I give group assignments, I might observe that not all students work in groups.
Only a few work and others only follow (don't give opinions). Maybe in the future I should bring
material that can arouse their enthusiasm such as playing games, providing audio-visuals and
also providing more creative reinforcement and teaching.
For myself, I realized when I was teaching I did not provide reinforcement to students,
such as strengthening touch and strengthening when leading a group. When I teach, movement is
not important when teaching.
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