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Transactions into a Ledger with Balances - International Travel Agency

Accounting 10
Analysing Transactions
The International Travel Agency is owned and operated by Jane Rose. Jane
earns her money through commissions of travel tickets. Record the
transactions below into t-accounts.
Determine the balance for each account when you are finished. Check to make
sure the left side (debit) equals the right side (credit).
Received cash for commissions on sale of European tour for two, $225.00
Paid for repairs to the automobile, $60.50
Paid rent for February, $200.00
Received cash for commission from Air Canada for sale of tickets in
January, $350.00
5. Received cash from the sale of old equipment, $10.00
6. Paid cash for taking clients out to dinner, $15.00
7. Paid for advertising in local newspaper, $12.00
8. Paid cash to the owner for personal use, $15.00
9. Paid cash for gas and oil to be used in the automobile, $18.30
10. Received cash for commission on the sale of world tour for two, $575.00
11. Received cash from the owner as an additional investment in the
business, $480.00
12. Received cash from the sale of old furniture, $42.00
13. Paid cash for washing the company automobile, $9.50
14. Paid cash to West Jet for part of amount owed, $16.50
15. Received cash for commissions for sale of group tour, $800.00
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