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Plato was born during 428/427 or 424/423 Bc and died during 348/347 BC with the
age of approximately 80. He was a philosopher in Classical Greece and the founder of the
Academy in Athens.
His main interests are rethoric, art, literature, epistemology, justice, virtue, politics,
education, family, militarism, friendship, and love. And his most notable ideas are Theory of
Forms, Platonic idealism, philosopher king, Platonic realism, Plato's tripartite and theory of soul.
Plato is well-known with his philosophy about the world of forms and the material
world in which he explains using his work 'Allegory of Cave.' In this allegory, the people are
facing the wall and there is a fire behind them. So, if there is something or someone pass
between them and the fire, they can see its reflection on the wall. It means that the material
world as it seems to us is not the real world. It is just an 'image' or the 'copy' of the real world.
The forms, according to Socrates, are the archetypes or abstract representations of the many
types of things, and properties we feel and see around us, that can only be perceived by
It simply means that the real world or the world of form is in our mind and the
material world is the place where we belong now. The things or objects that we see is just an
image or copy of the forms that is on our mind that is said to be the real world.