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Academic Integration: Social Studies
Chapter 9 Resolving Conflicts and Preventing Violence
Lesson 4 Preventing and Overcoming Abuse
Dear Diary
Directions: Read the following diary entries. Identify the type of abuse being
described. Then, list actions the people involved should take to protect themselves from being abused or overcome the abuse they have experienced.
1. Dear Diary,
A boy at school, Ken, is beginning to bother me. Lately he has been watching me at
school, and he has called me at home several times. This afternoon after school I saw him
standing in front of my house. He is beginning to scare me, and I don’t know what to do.
Type of abuse:
Recommended actions:
2. Dear Diary,
Chapter 9
Type of abuse:
Recommended actions:
3. Dear Diary,
I am worried about the way my girlfriend, Sarah, has been treating me since I started
studying with her friend Melissa. She has been yelling at me and insulting me quite often,
while attempting to cut off my study time with Melissa. What should I do?
Type of abuse:
Recommended actions:
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Everything was going great with Michael until the night of the Homecoming Dance. We
went to the beach afterward. Even though I told him “no,” he forced me to have sex with
him. He is my boyfriend, and we were on a date. Does that make it okay?