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The human rights are the moral principles or the norms that designate certain principles
of human conduct and are frequently sheltered as natural and the legal rights in the municipal
and the international law. There are about 30 human rights each having its own importance and
significance. However From my view point, I consider the Right to Life, Liberty, Personal
Security (Article 3), Right to Equality (Article 1) & Freedom from Discrimination (Article 2) are
the most important ones. This does not mean that other human rights are not important or do not
have significance.
The above mentioned three rights offer the status of equality among all individuals in the
society, offers them equal opportunity to live, freedom to speech & practice any legal profession
of choice and capability, protection of self from the harm caused by the other. These rights also
protect the individuals against any kind discrimination related to religion, race, creed or belief.
These three help in establishing harmony and status of equality which has been important for
peaceful existence. Again these are primary universal human rights means that other human
rights have been derived from these rights after lot of negotiations and need arisen conditions.
All the other human rights have borrowed the idea and concept from these three human rights.
So when we talk most important human rights, I would prefer the above mentioned three rights
as all other human rights are borrowed from these three and they provide the ideas for all the
other human rights.
The universality of human right is beyond question as they are based on human dignity
by virtue of their humanity. However we have undermined the importance of cultural differences
that exist in different regions. We do fully agree that universal rights prioritize individualism
over the community rights that an individual belong but declaration of human right was seen as
an attempt to transcend cultural bias in such a way that they bring the best out of individuals in
the society.
Every culture have its own vision of a good life, it does not have opposing effect on the
rights of the individuals existing within the culture. Most importantly human rights have powers
to protect individuals and help them progress as their choices in different cultures and till date no
one has been to prove with clarity that they have negative effect on the culture of a region. So we
can call human rights as universal.
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