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mommy recommendation

Rescue the Perishing Outreach Ministry International
May Pen Clarendon Jamaica
To whom it may concern
This is to certify that Mrs. Andrea Tomlin has been known to me for over Ten yrs
(10). She is known to be a very honest, dedicated, and sincere lady. Andrea is kind,
cooperative, Reliable and committed. For the many years she is known to me, she
always motivating others to excel in whatever area or line of duties they are place
in. Including Me Ms Andrea is a member of the above mentioned church, where
she display discipline, courtesy and willingness, and play great roll in our ministry.
Andrea moves among peers with respect; she is easy to talk with, and there is still
room for improvement.
Whatever opportunity can be given to Andrea to make her a more better person,
she will greatly appreciate. Andrea is love and respected by a wide cross section of
society. She’s is devoted and dedicate individual which she take pride in whatever
she is given and a passion for a work well done. Therefore, I recommend her
suitable recruit to your organization. I can be contacted at 876-479-1699.