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Profile Story Rubric
3 -2
Focuses on one significant and
interesting aspect of the person’s
Some consistency in focus, but
may lean towards biography
rather than profile.
Lacks focus. May only give
a life summary or only a
general insight into the
person’s life
quotes and facts
support the
focus and theme
Lets the reader get to know the
person using engaging anecdotes,
facts, and quotes. All information fits
together to bring the person’s story to
Include some anecdotes, facts,
and quotes May include some
extraneous content or the
writer’s opinion. Doesn’t include
enough of the person’s story to
truly get to know him
Too vague. May be mostly
the writer’s opinion. Not
enough of the person’s story.
Short on details, anecdotes,
facts, and quotes or many are
irrelevant, confusing, or
Catchy, engaging lead that shows
why we should read about this
person. Appropriate to audience and
establishes focus
Lead is relevant and makes an
attempt to grab readers.
Lead is bland, unrelated, or
may sound more like a term
Structure and
Most interesting parts first. Uses
short paragraphs and smooth
transitions. Has a satisfying ending.
Logical, coherent structure.
Biographical information is
interwoven appropriately
Generally strong organization,
but background and parts of
article may not be most
effectively arranged. Paragraphs
may be too long or not flow
together well.
Disorganized or
inappropriately organized for
a newspaper feature article
appropriate for
audience and
Consistently employs techniques
appropriate to feature articles
including anecdotes, narrative, and
description in an effective and
creative manner, and appropriate for
the audience
Employs some techniques
appropriate to feature articles
and the intended audience and
purpose, but may not do so
Uses only one or none of the
techniques appropriate to
feature articles, and the style
may not be appropriate for
the intended audience and
Use of Written
Highly engaging and effective use of
language. Sentence structure is
varied for pacing and effect.
Language is concise, precise, and
appropriate to a profile.
Generally engaging and
appropriate language. Some
parts may be wordy or imprecise
Inappropriate or ineffective:
word choice, vocabulary,
sentence structure,
Accurate grammar, usage, spelling
(including proper nouns!)
capitalization and punctuation.
Mechanics are generally
Poor mechanics. May
include multiple run-on
sentences or fragments, or
spelling/usage errors.
Profile Assignment
After our preparation for writing feature stories about people, you will have a good idea how to put together a fun
and informative profile story about someone you know. Your assignment is to:
Find a person you admire and write a profile story about them. The profile should be a least 500 words long and
include quotes from the person the story is about as well as at least two other sources (people who know them or
the activity they are involved in.) It should be typed, double spaced and printed out.
Suggestions for people to profile:
Teachers, administrators, family members, friends, co-workers or boss, coach, youth leader, neighbors, etc.
Be sure there is something about them that will make writing this story interesting and fun for you.