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Chicken Bone Lab with Rubric

Name _______________________
Date _______________ Per _____
Directions for your formal lab write up are below.
Please be sure to follow the rubric attached and check over all of the requirements BEFORE you turn in
your lab. You may copy and paste my “State the Problem or Question”, “Design an Experiment” and
“Collect and Analyze Date” BUT you must fill in all of the other steps of the scientific method yourself.
This means you are not just copying and pasting this entire sheet. You must write your own hypotheses,
draw your own conclusions, and communicate your own results. Please make sure they are in the correct
scientific method order.
State the Problem or Question
#1 - What would happen if a chicken bone was soaked in vinegar for 8 days?
#2 - What would happen if a chicken bone was soaked in bleach for 8 days?
#3 - What would happen if a chicken bone was soaked in water for 8 days?
Hypotheses – Remember to write a hypothesis for all 3 of the questions above! Be sure to write them
in if/then/because format.
#1 - If a chicken bone is soaked in vinegar for 8 days then ______________________________________________________
#2 - If a chicken bone is soaked in bleach for 8 days then _______________________________________________________
#3 - If a chicken bone is soaked in water for 8 days then ________________________________________________________
Design an Experiment
Chicken leg bones
Shallow dishes or jars
Digital Scale
Metric Ruler
Select one chicken leg bone. Dry off any excess moisture and remove any meat or gristle.
Find the mass and length of your chicken bone. Record the quantitative data in the table below.
Also, record the qualitative data listed in the table. Be sure to be very accurate by measuring
from the same point to the same point each day as millimeters will matter in this experiment.
Label your container with your period number and your lab group number.
You will be soaking your chicken bone in vinegar. Place one chicken leg bone in a labeled shallow
dish or jar and completely cover it with vinegar. Be sure you have collected and recorded your
data first.
Place your labeled container in your period’s cupboard.
On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday remove the chicken bone from the vinegar. Dry off any excess
moisture and find the mass and length. HANDLE THE BONES WITH CARE while collecting your
data!!! Record the data in the table below.
Notice any changes in color, texture, or appearance of the bone. Write down your observations
each day.
Continue this until 8 days have passed.
Name _______________________
Date _______________ Per _____
I will have a chicken bone soaking in water as the control in this experiment. I will also have a
chicken bone soaking in bleach to compare the vinegar and water soaked chicken bones to at the
end of the experiment. I will collect and record the data on the data table in the lab so you will be
able to refer to it when drawing your conclusions and communicating your results.
Collect and Analyze Date
Chicken Leg Bone Data when Soaked in Vinegar
Mass (g)
Length (cm)
Draw Conclusions –You should have 3 conclusions with results from all 3 of your hypotheses. Be sure
to restate your hypotheses, tell whether they were correct or not and to back the results up with the data
you and I collected.
Communicate Results – Be sure to write at least 5 sentences! Include your findings and why you think
the various solutions affected the chicken bones differently. Also, what errors could have happened?
What would you like to change in a future experiment?
Name _______________________
Date _______________ Per _____
Chicken Bone Lab: Formal Lab Write Up Rubric and self-Assessment Sheet
*Use this sheet to self-assess your work and attach to your final draft before you turn it in.
Look through each box and answer the questions. How many of each section’s points would you give yourself? This
would be a great activity to do with your parents to see if they feel the same way as you do.
Self grade
Do you have all six steps of the
scientific method clearly stated
on your final draft and in order?
Did you state a question for all 3
liquids? (3 total/2 points each)
-Do you have a testable
(if/then/because) hypothesis for
all 3 liquids?
-Does your Design an Experiment
include all materials and steps?
-Do you have a data table that
has accurate data and labels?
-Does your “Draw Conclusion”
step restate each hypothesis and
tell whether all 3 of your
hypotheses were correct or
incorrect? Is there data to back
each one up including data
collected by your teacher for
the bleach and water soaked
-Is your “Communicate Results”
5 or more sentences long? Does
it talk about possible errors,
ideas for future experiments,
what was learned, etc.?
Did you type your paper?
Is your paper free of all grammar
and spelling errors?
Actual grade
/6 points
/6 points
/15 points
/15 points
/15 points
/15 points
/10 points
/10 points
/10 points
/10 points
/15 points
/15 points
/10 points
/10 points
/10 points
/9 points
/10 points
/9 points
/100 pts
/100 pts
Percentage _______________%
In the space below tell me why you deserve the grade that you gave yourself. If you gave yourself an A you should have
a lot to say about your work.
Name _______________________
Date _______________ Per _____
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