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intro lesson to disease

Invading organisms, accidents and nutritional deficiencies can
interfere with the normal functioning of our body. Soldier cells and
chemical weapons fight for control inside ofus,.
• A disease is any condition that stops the body, or any of its
parts from working well.
1. In your small group, brainstorm as many different diseases as
you can on butchers paper.
2.Once you have at least 20 listed, see if you can group them in
Now lets record some of your examples of diseases and the
ways we can classify them.
• We do not have the same incidence of diseases that we have
had in the past. Some diseases are more common now while
others have almost disappeared.
Some diseases common in history include: _ _ _ _ _ __
Some diseases common now include:
1. In your small group brainstorm ways that
A)we can stay healthy
B)we are protected from disease.
Collect the handout that is a mind map summary of the topic and
glue this in your book.
1. Ask your mum or dad to tell you the diseases you have been
immunised for.
2. Look around your home and list at least 5 ways that disease
is prevented.
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