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One Tube Grid Leak Detector Radio 11:00AM
Come THIS Saturday, June 29th, at 11:00AM for a presentation on the workings of a
one tube radio using a grid leak detector circuit. Grid Leak Detector Circuit! This
workshop will be presented by retired Aerospace/Electrical Engineer, Tom Taylor and
retired Avionics Engineer and president of the Borden Radio Company, Lance Borden.
Tom will go over all the information you will need to build a one tube grid leak detector
radio in a hands on build!
For those who are interested in building and owning such a radio, there will be a limited
quantity of 20 custom kits available at $40ea (one kit per person). We will build these
in the store under the guidance of Tom and Lance. To keep things from getting too
crowded, we will divide the build into TWO different build sessions.
In total there are three time periods for this event. The first session begins at 11:00 AM
Sharp. This session is the explanation intended to insure an understanding of the
fundamentals involved in this workshop. We will break for lunch at 12:00 PM and return
at 1:00 PM. The second session is the first build session which will begin at 1:00PM
Sharp. We will begin the third session (second build session) with the next group of
builders at 3PM Sharp.
**This build will require soldering. You may bring your own pencil type soldering iron
and holder or we can sell you a soldering iron for this event. Solder will be provided.
A grid leak detector utilizes a battery powered, low voltage, one tube circuit for detection
and amplification of local AM radio stations. the non-linear cathode inside of a vacuum
tube to control grid conduction and the amplification factor of a the tube. The Tube
circuits such as this have been used for many different applications. The grid leak
device itself was invented around 1912.
This workshop is also intended to establish a better foundation in electronics and will
illustrate many different components, such as batteries, resistors, capacitors, inductors,
piezo-electric reproducers, and vacuum tubes. This talk will then transition into the
fundamentals leading up to a working grid leak detector radio.
Our workshops are open to everyone, from the middle school students to the
post-graduate hobbyists. There is no charge to attend. Your RSVP's are most
appreciated especially for this workshop as we want to make sure we have space and
kits for everyone.
We hope to see you here!
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