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Science process skills - blue bottles

Science process skills – following a procedure (method)/prediction
Practical: Blue Bottles
An important skill in science and in your everyday life is to follow a procedure. In the
following activity, you will be asked to follow a procedure and to record any
observations. You will also be using some equipment and chemicals that you may
not be familiar with.
What safety equipment will I need to use?
Equipment: Beaker, spoon, glucose, sodium hydroxide, methylene blue, volumetric
Literacy: In the box below, see how many other words you can create from the
words sodium hydroxide. Write them in the box below.
Aim: To make blue bottles
1. Take a beaker and place 200 ml of water in it.
2. Take 3 grams of glucose and place it in your beaker.
3. Dissolve the glucose with a spoon.
4. Obtain 3g of sodium hydroxide from your teacher.
5. Dissolve this.
6. Pour the liquid into a volumetric flask.
7. Place a dropper full of methylene blue into the flask.
8. Leave for 2-3 minutes.
In the box below, draw a diagram of your equipment.
Now shake the bottle. Record your observations in the box below:
Predicting: What do you think made the flask change?
Making connections: In the box below, list other situations in which you would have
to follow a procedure similar to the one you used today and where I could find
out the everyday uses of sodium hydroxide
Follow a procedure
Where could I find out the uses of sodium hydroxide?