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Teacher: Mr. Snavely
Date: 9/12/18
Recognizing and identifying supporting details in text
Lesson Objective: Supporting details tell us the who, what, when, where, why or how of the main idea.
Summary of Tasks/Action: Use the powerpoint: Breakfast is the most important meal of the Day to
illustrate how supporting details booster the main idea.
I will model with the article Breakfast to show the students how I pull out the main idea and the
supporting details and then use them to write the summary of the information.
Students copy model on their own worksheet.
Next, students will receive The Plight of the Penguins short reading. Here, they will read silently and
then pull out the main idea and three supporting details as well as concluding sentence and put on their
own graphic organizer.
Students will turn in at the end of the class for a grade.
Students will turn in Plight of the Penguin graphic organizer at the end of the class for a grade.
Breakfast power point
Supporting Details worksheet
Plight of the penguin reading
Graphic Organizer(x2)
Supporting Detail Powerpoint
Lesson Plan Template
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