Current Events Graphic Organizer

Current Events Graphic Organizer
Title of Article:
What is the date of the article? (It should be no older than one week)_
What is the source of your article?
SUMMARY: (Answers who, what, where, when, why, how?; also includes the main idea)
Main Idea:
Supporting Detail #1:
Supporting Detail #2:
Supporting Detail #3:
Supporting Detail #4:
REACTION: (Should be the same length if not LONGER than your summary; cite evidence)
Your reaction to the article (For example, how you feel about the article, how you liked the topic,
a connection you had with the article, your opinion of what should be done)
This is your graphic organizer. Write your current events review on separate paper in paragraph
form (2 paragraphs). Be sure to put it in YOUR OWN WORDS!!