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TPA Health Insurance Company

TPA Health Insurance
Healthcare for a lifetime
Our primary aim is to make health insurance cost effective
and user friendly by integrating Healthcare delivery channels
and Health Insurance companies. As a leading TPA Insurance
Company in UAE Aafiya strives to enhance access to
Healthcare with the aid of its experience, expertise and
Why is TPA Insurance Company
Unknown to most of us, there is a bigger team working behind the
process of Heath Insurance that helps us get stress- and hassle-free
claims. Health insurance policies are bought to ease some of the
burden off our shoulders in times of an emergency. Apart from that it
also helps financially along with giving a major peace of mind. The
benefits of a health insurance policy aren’t required to be mentioned.
However, we often find ourselves at a clueless position when it
comes to claim!
Aafiya as one of the leading TPA Insurance Company in UAE
manages solutions to health insurance companies. It acts as an
intermediary between the insurance company and policyholder and
ensures smooth and cashless claims and reimbursement claims are
settlement. In requirement of medical treatment for the
policyholder, the client gets in touch with the TPA of the insurance
company. It lets the client know about the nearest network hospital
and guide him or her in the claim process s. At the time of discharge
from the hospital, whole of the medical bills are sent to the TPA
Insurance Company for payment. Aafiya clears them after
scrutinizing them against the pre-negotiated rates. Once the
documents and bills are approved, the expenses are settled directly
or reimbursed by it.
The question “why Aafiya” must be there in one’s mind but it is the
wide range of services that has made it the leading TPA Insurance
Claim settlement
Processing cashless claims
Wide network of hospitals
Online pre-authorization with hospital
Tracking claims
24x7 assistance
When consulted with the clients, they were found to be satisfied
with the services and the most admired one being its command over
the healthcare Data analytics. In healthcare industry, prediction is
essential and most useful as the knowledge acquired by studying
relevant data can be transformed into action. The timely action and
strive to intervene is the key to harnessing the power of past and
real-time data. Importantly, to have the best use of such data, both
the predictor and the intervention must be integrated in a way within
the same system related to the workflow where the trend takes
Aafiya Medical Billing Services LLC
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Phone: +971 4 2838116
Web:- www.aafiya.ae
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