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Asking for price

Asking for price
• This lesson you will learn how to ask how much you should
pay for something. There are several examples of how you
can ask someone how much something cost.
How to ask how much something cost in a shop
How much is/are … ?
• It is …
• They are …
How much are the tomatoes?
= They are fifty pence a kilo.
How much are the grapes?
= They are sixty pence a bunch.
How much are those apples?
= A bag of apples cost seventy pence.
How much is the chicken?
= Chicken are one pound a kilo.
How much is the beef?
= Beef is one pound twenty a kilo.
How much is the pork?
= Pork steaks are seventy pence for 2 steaks.
How much are the oranges?
= These oranges are fifty pence a kilo.
50 Baht
830 Baht
13 Baht
56 Baht
£ 43,23
650 Baht
500 Baht
199 Baht