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Global issue

Global issue
I can protest
What are they doing?
What are they doing?
What are they saying
What the are doing?
Are they calling any one ?
Shout slogan
• If you shout something out, you say it very
loudly so that people can hear you clearly.
• A slogan is a short phrase that
is easy to remember. Slogans are used
in advertisements and by political parties and
other organizations who want people to
remember what they are saying or selling
• /Sloʊgən/
What can you see?
What are they doing?
Sign a petition
• A petition is a document signed by a lot of
people which asks a government or
other official group to do a particular thing.
• W
• To write your acceptance of Agreement
between country
What do these pictures express?
What does it mean to force not to
express your opinion?
• is the changing of books, plays, films,
or reports, especially by government officials,
because they are
considered immoral or secret in some way.
• The government today announced that press
censorship was being lifted.
• /sensəʳʃɪp /
What do these pictures express?
Why do they give him money under
the tables?
• Corruption is dishonesty
and illegal behaviour by people in positions of
authority or power.
• /kərʌpʃən /
What is the common feature between
these pictures?
• A disease is an illness which affects people,
animals, or plants, for example one which is
caused by bacteria or infection.
• /dɪziːz /
Why these children are suffering?
What do these children need?
What is their main problem?
• Famine is a situation in which
large numbers of people have little or no food,
and many of them die.
• /fæmɪn /
• hunger, want, starvation, deprivation
What is the meaning behind these
Why men seem taller than women ?
Gender inequality
How many minutes news need to be
transferred around the world?
Does the world suffer from the same
problem or each country has its own
Does we live in isolation from other
• the
process enabling financial and investment
• markets to operate internationally, largely as a
result of deregulation
and improved communications
the process by which a company,
etc, expands to operate internationally
• /ˌɡləʊbəlaɪˈzeɪʃən/
Are they happy ?
What do they need?
• Homeless people have nowhere to live.
• /hoʊmləs/
What dot they carry in their hand?
What is their main dream/
• Immigration is the coming of people into a
country in order to live and work there.
• /ɪmɪgreɪʃən/
What are these tools ?
Why do they are used?
Is there a crucial needing for them?
Can country manage state affair
without them?
Dot hey have any positive effect?
Nuclear weapons
• a weapon which explodes by means of
a nuclear reaction and which causes
mass destruction and is extremely deadly .
• /ˈnjuːklɪə ˈwɛpən/
Are they happy / sad?
What is there main issue?
racial discrimination
• is the belief that people of some races
are inferior to others, and the behavior which
is the result of this belief.
• /reɪsɪzəm /
What are the doing?
• If you protest against something
or about something, you say or
show publicly that you object to it.
What are they doing?
Does it legal to carry weapons ?
Do they have a weapon licenses ?
• Terrorism is the use of
violence, especially murder and bombing, in
order to achieve political aims or
to force a government to do something.
• /terərɪzəm /
What are they doing?
Why they are going out in groups?
What are they doing?
Listen to a speech
What are they doing?
• Has no job
• is the fact that people
who want jobscannot get them.
• (ʌnɪmplɔɪmənt )
What are they doing?
Shout slogans
• call
Political debate
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