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Plan A below shows a health centre in 2005. Plan B shows the same place in
the present day.
The two plans describe a health centre before and after some developments
from 2005 to now.
As can be seen from the pictures, the health centre has witnessed dramatic
changes both outdoors and indoors over the given period.
Firstly, a minor operation room has been added to the left-hand side of the
physiotherapy room. The consulting rooms and the office have been made
smaller and the former also increased to four in number. Another notable
change is that the entrance has been relocated to the southern side of the
building. This leads to a waiting area, which has been expanded with more
seats. The reception desk is now placed in front of the office and a children’s
play area has been added in the corner opposite the entrance.
A number of changes also took place outside. The car park has been expanded
to a total of 30 parking spaces. The garden behind the building is decreased in
size to make way for this expansion.
The two maps describe an area before and after some developments from 2005 to
As can be seen from the plans, the most notable change taking place in the area is the
construction of a road bridge, which replaces the ferry.
On the northern side of the road bridge, the forest on the left riverside has been
cleared to make way for a large new car park. There is also a small car park which
was built on the other side of the river and this car park can be accessed from the main
road via a small path. Many houses and apartments were constructed around the car
To the south of the bridge, more houses were also built along the main road. Apart
from these buildings, there are several changes which are expected to take place by
2018. These developments include a foot bridge which runs parallel to the main road,
a yatch marina and a small car park.
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