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KAARA Décor is one of the well-established interior design &
décor service providers in Delhi & NCR. We strive to provide
a wide range of products & services that include
Wooden/Specialized flooring, Outdoor Décor, Artificial grass,
preserved trees and Mother of Pearl.
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Solid Wooden Flooring: Timeless
and Trustworthy Flooring Option
Solid Wooden flooring has always been one of the top choices when
it comes to installing wooden flooring. Solid Wooden Flooring is
made up of 100% wood and gives the unique rustic look. However,
the overall looks of your interior highly depend on the quality of
woods used to form the flooring. It is always advisable that if you
are planning to install solid wooden flooring you select a wellknown brand that focuses on quality. In India, KAARA is one of the
leading manufacturers of solid wooden flooring.
Not only the quality, has it focused well on the appeal of its products.
The wide range of products matched with affordable pricing policy
makes the brand the first choice of the customers. As one of the
largest producers of Maple Solid Wooden Flooring in India it
offers the best quality maple wood only after a series of quality
checks to ensure the esteemed customers get the best among the
best. Similarly, under the same roof you can get the best Oak
Caramel Solid Wooden Flooring in India. These varieties along
with other products give your home or office the desired appeal. The
advanced technology used in producing these floorings gives them a
longer life and can withstand regular wear and tear. However, what
makes KAARA’s solid wooden flooring the best is that they are
washable. That means you can use them the way you would use any
ceramic or marble flooring.
When it comes to comparing ceramic or marble flooring with solid
wooden flooring, the latter proves to be cost efficient. While the
ceramic or marble blocks used for flooring are subjected to damages
during transportation and handling, the wooden blocks used in
wooden flooring are free from such issues. On the other hand, in
India where temperature fluctuations are quite numerous with
extreme heat in summers and extreme cold in winters, wooden
flooring being porous material keeps the temperature in a
consistent range. Neither they neither become hot in summers nor
turn cold in winters. Collectively these amazing features have made
the solid wooden flooring the best among all the flooring options.
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