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Army CIOG6 Training and Certification newsletter 22 Feb 19

Army CIO/G6, Training and
Certification Newsletter
22 February 2019
In This Issue
 Changes in ISC(2) Annual
Membership Fees
 Cyber Defense Training
Cloud website changes
 Token and voucher
 Cyber Awareness
Challenge Training
 ATCTS login
Army Strong
Changes in ISC(2) Annual Membership fees
1. Summary:
a. Current status:
(1) Cost 85.00 for annual maintenance fee.
(2) Members must pay any previous year fees and have the
option of paying upcoming years that are within the
current 3 year cycle by 30 Jun 19 at the 85.00 rate.
b. New status: Effective 1 Jul 19
 DoD News
(1) Price changes from 85.00 to 125.00 annually.
 Cyber Awareness
Challenge Training
(2) Payments due at the start of the membership cycle each
year. Members cannot pay at the end or midway of the
Quote for the quarter
It’s all to do with the training:
you can do a lot if you’re
properly trained.
Queen ElizabethII
Contact Us
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Group box:
usarmy.belvoir.hqda-cio-g6.mbx.training-andcertif[email protected]
(3) Members with multiple certifications will save as they will
only pay a single AMF of 125.00 regardless of how many
ISC(2) certifications they earn. If you hold multiple ISC(2)
certifications, the 125.00 annual fee will be due on your
earliest certification anniversary. Example: CAP cert
anniversary is 1 Jul 2019 and the CISSP anniversary is 5
Oct 2019 then you must pay your 125.00 on 1 Jul of each
year to cover the CISSP and CAP.
2. How will Army CIO/G6 Training and Certification Voucher/token
program handle the change:
a. There will be no change in the procedures. Members will
receive one token per calendar year for the cert that aligns
with their appointed position or choose the highest
certification earned.
b. We do not have enough tokens on hand to provide enough
tokens to pay 2 or 3 years of fees to meet the 30 Jun 19
c. This office tries to accommodate as many people as possible
based on the funding we receive to purchase tokens and
vouchers for the Cybersecurity community.
d. Per DoD 8570.01-M the Army’s requirement is to ensure that
each person working cybersecurity functions and appointed
in a valid position receives training and receive a voucher to
take the exam at no cost.
e. Individual’s responsibility: Keep their certifications active by
ensuring their required Continuing Education Credits and
fees are paid per DoD 8570.01-M paragraph C2.3.7.
Cyber Defense Training
To comply with DFARS requirements, effective
March 4th 2019, anyone navigating to
https://cdtc.cert.org will be redirected to
https://cyberforce.site. The cyber force site
requires use of a valid DoD CAC for
identification and authentication. Once CACauthenticated, users will have access to
existing PCTC content via the cyber force site.
Similar content will be available on the Cyber
force web site, but your progress and
completion certificates from CDTC will no
longer be available. All users should complete
any courses that are already in progress before
March 4, 2019.
Network+, CySA+
The Army CIO/G6 next batch of tokens, vouchers and GIAC funding
should be received between March and April 2019. (Tokens: GIAC,
CISSP, Sec+, Net+, CASP, CySA+). Vouchers may include: Windows
10, ICND and CCNA.
Cyber Awareness Challenge Training
The 2019 Cyber Awareness Challenge was available on the Cyber
Security Training Center, Fort Gordon website and the Joint Knowledge
On-line websites in November 2018. The training is an update from
previous versions, with a new look and feel. The training has a
knowledge check option. The knowledge check option allows users to
answer questions before each lesson. If all questions are answered
correctly, that lesson can be bypassed and the user will be allowed to
move to the next lesson.
Army organizations can accept certificates from the following for user
compliance: All Components (AF, Marine, and Navy), JKO,
https://jko.jten.mil/ and the Fort Gordon https://cs.signal.army.mil sites.
See the DoD_Cyber_Awareness_Training_update as of 1 Nov 18.
Updating information in ATCTS: Deltas between EAMS-A
If some of your information changed in AKO such as name, phone
number, etc. you will received a chart as shown below to select the
items that pertains to the change then click the acknowledge box and
“proceed with CAC”.
AKO diagnostic link: https://atc.us.army.mil/?aka-sso-diag=true.
Use this link if there’s a program with your email address and/or
AKO userid importing into your ATCTS profile. Send screenshot
or text file to [email protected] and
[email protected]
DoD News
1. The IASE PMO has announced that efforts are underway to
modernize and rebrand IASE NIPRNet and Public to enhance the user
interface, user experience and to keep pace with the cyber domain.
The “new look and feel” are expected 3QFY19. Stay tuned for further
details https://iase.disa.mil/Pages/index.aspx-.
2. New certifications added to the DoD baseline chart:
a. Certified Chief Information Security Officer (CCISO)
Vendor: EC-Council
recertification: Every 3 years
Categories: IAMII and IAMIII and CNSP Manager
This one is already in ATCTS:
Certification: Cyber First Responder (CFR)
Vendor: CertNexus
Added to categories: CNSP Infrastructure Support and CNSP
Certification: Computer Hacking Forensics Investigator (CHFI)
Vendor: EC-Council
Recertification: Every 3 years
Categories: CNSP Incident Responder
URL: https://iase.disa.mil/iawip/Pages/iabaseline.aspx
Army CIO/G6 upcoming Community of Practice
Date: Tentative - 28 March 2019
Event Type: Community of Practice
Time Frame: 2 hours (times to be determined)
Venue: Conference call
Target Audience: Cybersecurity Professionals
POC: Asmayit Yohannes: [email protected]
**More information to follow**.
Issues with Cyber Awareness Challenge Training
imports to ATCTS:
1. Concern: Completions are not uploading into the individual’s
profiles when training is completed on the Fort Gordon, JKO or
DISA site.
2. Response: Army CIO/G6, Cybersecurity Directorate, Training
and Certification Branch is aware of the issue and in the process
of correcting the issue.
3. Individual responsibility to the issue:
a. Training taken on the JKO site: This office pulls reports from
JKO bi-weekly (Tuesdays and Thursdays). If the individual’s unit
of assignment is “unassigned” then that completion will not show
up in the Army’s report.
b. Each individual need to do the following in JKO to ensure the
completion is in the weekly reports.
 Log into JKO at https://jko.jten.mil/.
 Click on your “My Profile” tab.
 Scroll to the area “Organization” and click on the “unassigned”
 Click on the > by (JKO) Joint Knowledge Online.
 Scroll down until you see (USA)-United States Army, highlight it
and click “select organization” then “save” at the bottom of page.
Each ATCTS user can upload their completion certificate in
their ATCTS as a secondary measure. This will require their
ATCTS manager to verify.
5. Training taken on the Fort Gordon site: Completion date imports
in the ATCTS profile within 24 to 48 hours after completion.
ATCTS users can upload their certificate as a secondary
measure you do not see your completion within 48 hours after
6. Training taken on the DISA IASE/DoD Cyber Exchange does not
import into ATCTS therefore the individual must upload the
certificate then contact their ATCTS manager to verify.
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