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Student’s full name: Nguyễn Hà Phương
Code: 20165561
Class: TA1.01
Date of submission: 15/7/2019
Pages/ work
Summary of the
Analysis of special observation
with of other
9:00 – 18:00
On June 30th, I started my
internship under the guidance of
Ms. Phuong Anh at Scots English
Australia Center. I participated in
a tour of the center and she
introduced me various personnel
who were all very welcoming and
friendly. I learnt about the total
number of rooms and their
functions such as where the
storage room is, what room is
used for writing placement test
(PT) or speaking PT, the
difference between kindy
classroom, kids/teen classroom
I learnt how to introduce and adapt myself into a new
professional working environment and deal with
interpersonal relationship or how to leave positive
impression on the 1st day at work. As a new comer, all
things around are completely new and it would take me a
long time to get familiar with the work if I did not keep a
good relationship with other personnel. If I get along with
them well, they can help me as much as possible, so I
could adjust the environment quickly.
Sunday, June
There was too many information so without preparation, a
pen and a notebook, a good memory or after working
experiences; you probably will not be able to remember all
of the detail. For example, I am not good at remembering
people’s name and it would very embarrassing to ask for
and ielts classroom. Moreover, I
was informed about the average
number of students in each class
(min:7 – max:16).
Learn about the
profile and
14:00 –
students and
July 1st to
July 6th
Monday to
Sunday, June
15 mins
before and
after the
classes start
their names on my 2nd day at work. Therefore, if I want to
know their name, I would ask for their facebook or zalo
contact account or I could simply ask Ms. Phuong Anh.
Understand about the company’s Get a chance to study about knowledge I can’t never obtain
scale, structure and rules; its
in school.
mission, objectives and my
responsibilities when taking
internship in the company. Then I
learnt about the dress code and
behaviors in an educational
environment (such as the way you
talk, stand, word choice…).
I was assigned to stand near the
elevator in the 1st floor to
welcome new customers, the
parents as well as to pick up the
students 15 mins before and after
the classes start; before that, I was
taught how to welcome them (
By observing greeting manners of other staffs, I can
gradually change my attitude and behave more
In the 1st day, I didn’t greet the customers/ parents
correctly (I supposed to stand up and say “Em chào
anh/chị. Em mời anh/chị vào bên trong ngồi ạ” but instead
of standing up, I just sat at the desk) so I received a
reminder from other staffs and since then, I never forgot to
standing up while welcoming customers/ parents again.
Learning about
how the PT
July 1st &
July 2nd
(Monday and
Check the room
before starting
PT takes
Learning about a
TA’ roles and
July 2nd and
3rd (Tuesday
I was assigned to supervise
students who want to take the
placement test and ask about
information such as name, their
mom/dad’s name and phone
number, their school’s name,
whether they have any studied
English before, if yes, how long
and where
Sometimes the computer didn’t connect to the wifi and you
had to restart it.
During the PT, there were students who didn’t understand
the request of the test so you had to explain it to them.
Make sure to collect the reding and writing test when time
runs out.
There was so many small detailed that are hard to
remember such as how to mark the test for teen level….
The process of the placement test is as follows: Before
anyone takes the test, I checked the testing room in regard
to air conditioner, table seats, the light, computer,
Help prepare needed tools: flash
cards, markers, board, computer,
air-con, paper materials such as
teacher books, lesson plan…
Assist in class and keep the
students to sit still and stay quiet
This is the 1st week so I don’t have any class to TA.
Check student’s attendance
Report about student’s
performance and behavior after
each class
Stick stickers in student’s
portfolio after each class (ranking
from 0-3 stars)
Assist with marking and
correcting work
Attend parent-teacher conferences
and reviews
Help with school events, trips and
Friday, July
I will visit others teacher’s classes Have the ability to learn from the experienced teachers.
to learn about their advantages
and disadvantages. Then, drawing Learn how they deal with the “special cases”. For example:
when the students talk too much; don’t follow the
lesson for myself.
instruction of the teacher; don’t focus to the lesson, how to
explain or introduce a new concept…
Learn the kind of tone, word choice that they use, how they
prepare before the lesson; what are the games or activities
that the students enjoy participating.
Photocopy if
materials are
From July 1st
to July 6th
I learnt to safely and properly use The first time using photocopier, I tried to copy students’
such as documents without any guide so I did not know what
button to press. Then Ms. Phuong Anh showed me the way
in class (for trial
students or PT)
(Monday to
air-conditioner, to put the paper on the surface of photocopier and the
phones and computer.
process and button pressing.