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Holiday Novel Study Questions

Holiday Novel Study Questions
Over the holidays you are expected to read
one novel (minimum of 100 pages). Once you have finished, answer the following
questions. There are 2 questions that require a TEEET paragraph response.
1. What is the title, author, year of publication of your chosen novel?
2. Provide a brief synopsis (story overview) of the novel. This should include the main character/s, plot, conflicts
and setting. Try not to spoil the ending!
3. In a paragraph response explain which character was your favourite and why? Provide some examples from
the novel.
4. What is the most interesting thing you know about the main character in your novel?
5. Think about the main setting in your novel. If you were there, what are some of the things you might see?
Draw your setting below. You can include a drawing of your character in that setting too.
6. Describe an important event from your book and explain why it is important.
7. Explain one conflict that the character went through in the novel. How does this character overcome this
8. If you could give some advice to your character, what would you tell him or her?
9. What point of view is your book written in? How does you know?
10. If you could ask the main character three questions, what would they be?
11. Think of a new title for your novel. What did you think of this title?
12. How has conflict been used in the novel to tell the reader an important message? (Respond to this question
in a TEEET paragraph)
13. How has characterisation or setting been used in the novel to convey a theme to the reader? (Respond to
this question in a TEEET paragraph)