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Climate change

Mathayom 3
Science in English
Chapter four: Climate change
The weather describes whatever is happening outside in a place at a time. It can change a lot within a
very short time. For example, It can be windy at night, rainy in the morning, hot and sunny at noontime,
and even back to windy before sunset. It includes daily changes in rainfall, temperature and wind in a
given location.
The weather can be :
A lot of sunlight.
There is a lot of sun.
There is rain, it’s
There are a lot of
There is a lot of wind.
There is rain and
lighting as well as a
lot of clouds.
There is fog.
Mathayom 3
Science in English
The climate is the total of all-weather happening over a period of years in a place, country, city. It is the
average weather condition of that place. Climate tells us what is the usual weather in the place where you
The climate change is any significant/big change in the climate of the Earth. These changes can be
temperature, precipitation, wind, humidity, etc.
It happens because of many reasons:
1. The heat from the sun.
2. Change in the Earth's orbit.
3. The way the oceans on Earth move.
4. Human activity can change the climate of the Earth.
For example, burning fossil fuels such as gasoline and coal can affect the climate on Earth. Changing the
landscape of the Earth, by cutting forests, filling swamps, laying large amounts of concrete over
grasslands, can have a great effect on the Earth's environment.
Global warming is the increased of the temperature in the atmosphere of the Earth's surface and
troposphere. It can be caused/done by natural and human events.
Too much carbon dioxide (CO2) in the air can produce Global Warming. Man creates a lot of C02 and this
can create/make a greenhouse effect.
The greenhouse effect traps heat inside the atmosphere causing the average temperature of the Earth to
increase/rise. This increased temperature causes ice caps to melt. The melting of the Earth's ice caps
causes sea levels to rise, and changing the Earth's landscape.