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Xpert Handout US

Save time and find information faster than ever with our intuitive knowledge
database for technical information and documentation of KUKA products
Xpert Basic
KUKA Xpert Basic is the free version
of KUKA Xpert that contains the complete
technical documentation, as well as basic
product information and spare parts.
Register for free: xpert.kuka.com
Benefit from our product know-how
Access to comprehensive, up-to-date
product information and service
know-how from our experts
All relevant information at your
Quickly find your desired information through interactive filters
and a powerful search engine
Solve problems independently
Troubleshooting help trough
qualified solutions
Interactive and semantic
Interactive content, such as videos
and spare parts graphics with
meaningfully connected information
Increase efficiency
Start saving time and find
information and knowledge in
Reduce your meantime to repair
Detailled work instructions for
repair, maintenance, programming
and other common tasks
24/7 Knowledge
Find relevant documents and
information from any device at
any time
Start your self-service-experience
Solve problems with the access to
our case database with causes and
solutions for common messages
„Motor on Axis 3 is broken“
Spare Parts Information
„How do I change the gearbox?“
Work Instruction
„What are the stopping distances ?“
„Message KSS26013“
Case Database
Benefit from KUKA Xpert throughout the whole
lifecycle of your KUKA products and take
advantage from high quality content.
Knowledge when you need it.
Knowledge where you need it.
Benefits for
Benefits for
Service Technicians
Benefits for
Product Information,
Technical Data,
Assembly &
Work Instructions
Product Information,
Spare Parts,
Case Database,
Work Instructions for
Assembly, Configuration,
Diagnosis, Repair &
Product Information,
Work Instructions for
Start-up, Recommissioning,
Configuration, Adjustment,
Programming & Operation
Get your KUKA Xpert License for 621 USD*
and get the most out of your KUKA experience.
*per user per year
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