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• I've got a friend. He collects stamps.
• I've got a friend who collects stamp.
• There’s a problem. It worries me.
• There’s a problem which/that worries me.
• Holly has lost the watch. I bought it for her.
• Holly has lost the watch which/that I bought for her.
• I've told you everything that (not which) I know.
• It was the best film that (not which) I have ever seen.
• This is the girl whom the teacher likes.
• This is the woman with whom I travelled.
• I’ll never forget the day when I first met you.
• There’s a shop where you can buy salad.
• The letter that I saw this morning is not on the table.
• The letter I saw this morning is not on the table.
• He had a simple idea that changes the world.
• I gave him what he needed.
(What = the thing that)
• What I learned yesterday was easy.
• I’ll buy anything that you need. (anything, something, nothing,
everything, all, the only thing)
• I saw a girl. Her bag was green.
• I saw a girl whose bag was green.
• A pen which you can write with. OR A pen with which you can write.
• The girl who I was talking about. OR The girl about whom I was
talking .
• The person who I was looking at OR The person at whom I was
• Leave out Who / which / that + is / are / was / were
before (ing and ed forms)
• The man (who was) standing near the door.
• Letters (which were) posted at 10 o’clock.
• He took out the tooth which was causing the trouble.
• he reacted very badly, which was a real pity.