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Class Test Mathematical Literacy (4)

Class Test Mathematical Literacy
1. Peter makes boxes of fudge and works out the cost of making boxes by using a pattern. Look
at the pattern below.
Number of boxes made
Cost of making boxes (R)
1 2 3 4
6 10 14 18
5 6
22 26
1.1) What pattern do you see in this table?
1.2) What would it cost to make 20 boxes of fudge?
1.3) Draw a graph representing the table.
2. Kepa sells pies at a roadside stall. He earns a basic salary of R250 per day and a commission of R2
on each pie he sells.
2.1) Write an equation for how much he earns.
2.2) What type of relationship is this?
2.3) Use your equation to complete the table.
Number of pies
Total earned (R)
0 40
2.4) Plot the points from the table to a graph.
2.5) He could change jobs. At his new job he earns R1800 per day. How many pies should he sell in
order for him to make more than this new job? Draw a graph and indicate where the two lines
2.6) What type of relationship is this new job?
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