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Witch hunt posters from the 17th century - source analysis

Witch hunt posters from the 17th century
Source analysis
Choose one of the posters below. Examine the text and images carefully to answer the following questions:
Who is the intended audience of this poster?
What message is the poster portraying?
What do you think was happening at the time the poster was produced?
Who was or were the people that created this poster? Research to find out.
What do you think happened if the message was - A. Accepted or B. Ignored? Explain.
The most effective posters are those that are simple and direct – is this an effective poster? Explain.
“ A MOST Certain, Strange, and true Discovery of a
VVITCH. Being taken by some of the Parliament
Forces, as she was standing on a small planck – board
and sayling on it over the River of Newbury:
Together with the strange and true manner of her
death, with the propheticall words and speeches she
vied at the same time. Printed by John Hammond,
1643.” http://myths.e2bn.org/mythsandlegends/origins21-testing-the-witch-finder-general.html
“To the People of this Hamlet, CAST OUT ALL WITCHES
and DEVILS that have lately annoyed these Parts - with
Some councils directing a due improvement of the
TERRIBLE THINGS lately occurring IN THIS
NEIGHBOURHOOD by the Unusual and Amazing range
of EVIL SPIRITS - Prevent the Wrongs which these Evil
Angels may intend against all sorts of People among us.
Especially in accusations of the Innocent -1693 - ”
“Witches Apprehended, Ex amined and Executed, for
notable villanies by them committed both by Land and
Water. With a strange and most true trial how to know
whether a woman be a witch or not. Printed at London
for Edward Marchant, and are to be sold as his shop
over against the Crossie in Pauls Church-yard 1613”