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Disability - CA School Activities Leave

California School Activities Leave
California Labor Code Section 230.8 entitles employees to take up to 40 hours off work each year
for their children's school activities.
Employees may take leave to:
participate in activities of the school or licensed child care provider of a child; find, enroll, or reenroll a child in a school or with a licensed child care provider; or address a "child care provider or
school emergency."
Only 8 of the 40 hours may be used to find, enroll, or re-enroll a child.
Emergency Situations
A "child care provider or school emergency" means that an employee's child is unable to remain in
a school or with a child care provider because:
 the school or child care provider has requested that he or she be picked up;
 the child is exhibiting discipline or behavioral problems;
 there is a school closure or unexpected unavailability of a child care provider, or
 there is a natural disaster.
Qualifying for Leave
To qualify for school activities leave, a person must be a "parent" and:
 work for an employer with 25 or more employees working at the same location;
 have a child of the age to attend kindergarten or grades 1 to 12; or
 is a licensed child care provider.
A "parent" under the law includes a:
 parent
 legal guardian
 stepparent
 foster parent
 grandparent, or
 person standing in loco parentis to the child.
Notice Requirements
Parents are required to give notice to their employer if they intend to take leave. Employers are
allowed to ask for proof that the employee took time off for school activity-related purposes.
No Discrimination or Retaliation
An employer is not allowed to:
 demote
 wrongfully terminate
 refuse to rehire
 fail to promote
 suspend, or
 in any other way discriminate against the employee for taking leave.
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