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Dramaturgical Research Assignment on Ruby Moon

Dramaturgical Research Assignment on Ruby Moon
SCSA Definition: Involves researching, critically analysing and interpreting the historical,
political, social, and cultural aspects of a play. A dramaturge works with the director and as a
member of the production team to support the construction of a performance based on a
new, published or devised text.
Now that you all know what a Dramaturge is, your task is to research the historical, political
and cultural aspects of Matt Cameron’s Ruby Moon.
Some key words to consider and search:
Matt Cameron
World events 2003
Ruby Moon
See something, Say Something campaign
9/11 aftermath regarding suspicious people
Ice Cream vans
You can choose to put your research on lined paper or use the boxes below. Remember the
more information you can provide and learn about the context of the play, the better.