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Chemisrty Density Practice

Density Practice
Question 1
500 g of sugar occupies a volume of 0.315 L. What is the density of the
sugar in g/L?
Question 2
The density of a substance is 1.63 g/mL. What is the mass of 0.25 L of the
substance in grams?
Question 3
The density of pure solid copper is 8.94 g/mL. What volume does 5 kg of
copper occupy?
Question 4
What is the mass of a 450 cm³ block of silicon if the density of silicon is
2.336 g/cm³?
Question 5
What is the mass of a 15 cm³ of iron if the density of iron is 7.87 g/cm³?
Question 6
Two liquids​, A and B, have densities 0.75 grams per milliliter and 1.14
grams per milliliter respectively.
When both liquids are poured into a container, one liquid floats on top of
the other. Which liquid is on top?
1. 1.587 g/mL
2. 407.5 g
3. 559 mL
4. 1051.2 g
5. 26561 g or 26.56 kg
6. Liquid A. (0.75 grams per milliliter)