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Student goals and expectations Mavericks Summer Program.Revised

TCHS Student Summer Work – Study
Program Goals and Summer Projects
There are a couple of goals and projects we will all be working on individually and
collectively as a group to better know ourselves and connect deeply as a
1. Create a piece of art (or mode of self-expression) that reflects your sense of
self, by representing your identity. Include your strengths, your values, and
your goals as a person and for your life.
2. Create a piece of art (or mode of self-expression) that reflects your sense of
place, meaning your home and/or your connection to the natural
environment. Having a deeper awareness of where we live, how we
perceive and connect with our environment, as well as how we take care of it
has a ripple effect that starts within each of us and expands out to everything
around us.
3. Work together on a community project to enhance the school’s beauty or to
improve its function. These projects will reflect your sense of community
and also how you work together as a community to create it.
4. Finish a book together! Our book for this summer will be Among the
Hidden by Margaret Peterson Haddix
5. Manage a journal and participate in assigned entries and tasks.
6. Lastly we will work together to maintain a clean, organized, and comfortable
space to be in this summer. That means picking up your stuff at the end of
each day before leaving, and participating in completing chore list at the end
of the week.