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1. Concept Map

Hilda A. Pedrera
Learning through doing
a method used for building
leadership skills
a method used for improving
leadership behavior
specific leadership behavior such as:
leadership skills such as:
- analytical skills, strategic thinking, creativity, and
global perspective
- cognitive skills
- costumer focus, planning, program management, and
focus on results
- execution skills
- relationship skills
- influencing, engaging and inspiring, managing talent,
creating open communication, collaborating, and buiding
- self-management skills
- establishing trust, adaptability, impulse control,
Case studies in which Action
curiosity, and love of learning
Learning was used:
Case 1:
Development via Action
Learning at the U.S.
Departtment of
Commerce (DOC)
Senior Leadership
Development Program
group members and
supervisors acknowledged
significant development
of their chosen leadership
Case 2:
Development via Action
Learning at the Boeing
Case 3:
Development Program
at the National Institute
of Health
Global Leadership
Program results:
Action learning
experience results:
it has been very successful
in providing participants
with enhanced skills in
those leadership skills
it was perceived by
participants as
significantly contributing
to their development as
organizational leaders.
Case 4:
Leadership Development
via Action Learning at the
U.S. Department of
Leadership Development
with Action Learning
Program results:
Action learning provides an
opportunity for significant
and targeted leadership
development with minimal
outside time or costs
CONCLUSION: Action learning is more effective than other leadership development approaches, because it is
efficient: encourages participants to focus on a smaller number of skills that are most important and relevant to
them, flexible in providing a learning environment and problem context, and provides the kind of real-world
practice and accountability that are necessary conditions for transferable leadership learning to occur.