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Last Reflection

In chapter 13 of Positive Psychology, they talk about mental health and behavior. They
go into depth about the characteristics of a mentally healthy person, which include things like
an identity and values that contribute to a sense of autonomy and a personal attitude toward
self that includes self-acceptance and/or self-esteem. There’s a lot of issues that need to be
addressed to be able to get a better view of people and see how views change. We tend to ask
“Is that normal?” if we observe actions that seem “abnormal”. However, there’s no accepted
definition of abnormal so it’s hard to define what we find “abnormal”, or “normal”. We also
tend to answer the question with “It depends”, because it definitely depends on different
factors and the way people think about certain things. Strengths and well-being are very
important to think about when it comes to mental health. We just tend to see things differently
based on our past experiences, so we deal with “abnormality” differently. Therefore, we’re
basically biased, so we need to get a better understanding of how things function by addressing
these biases. We also need to put ourselves in other peoples’ shoes, especially if they’re being
judged, so we can get an understanding of how they’re feeling.