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o Retrospective – looking back  and how retrospective accounts have
conflated the entire second world war into the Blitz experience
o Conflated: combine into one
o Heralded – be a sign, indication.  The second strand is heralded by the
publication of Sonya Rose’s book
o In this sense
o A Lacuna this book will fill  unfilled space and gap
o This book provides a more nuanced account  subtle difference
o British fortitude  strength
o Another aspect surfaces in ch.3
o Sphere
o Yield
o London became a convenient metonym for the rest of England  a
word used for something else closely related ,e.g. Washington is the
metonym for the US government.
o Cataract of history  waterfall?
o Belied by the actual concept  contradicted
o Emblems of the triumphs of London’s fortitude  symbol
o A sense of danger permeates  like invades