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RFP Parking Lot

June 6, 2019
1. Project Background and Description
In the last few years, the student body of UNIBE has been growing steadily. This growth has originated a problem
with the parking spaces designated for student use. The spaces we currently own for this purpose no longer meets
the demand of students who pay for the use of the parking spaces.
2. Project Scope
In order to meet the demand for the parking spaces, we are planning to build a new parking lot near the UNIBE
campus. A land of 1,500 𝑚𝑡 2 is already owned by the university, however it’s missing the necessary adjustments in
order for it to become a suitable and comfortable parking lot for the student community.
3. High-Level Requirements
The parking lot must include the following:
Two tollbooths that work with the Student’s ID
o One for entrance and one for exit of the parking lot.
o Two tollbooths for each exits
Lines marking the spaces that each car must be inside of
Have enough space for two cars to fit side-by-side to avoid blocking the road
Must be big enough to fit 500 cars
4. Deliverables
The deliverables are:
The parking floor fixed with the proper adjustments for cars to be able to have a smooth drive
The installation of all the tollbooths on each exit