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7th - Notebook Check

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Notebook Check
1. Where in the plant does photosynthesis occur?
2. What is the difference between anaerobic and aerobic?
3. What is fission?
4. What is a virus?
5. The breakdown of dead organisms is called ______________.
6. The use of organisms to clean up environmental waste is called _____________.
7. Give an example of food that bacteria help make.
8. What are pathogens?
9. Are fungi eukaryotic or prokaryotic?
10. What are lichens?
11. What is your answer for the warm-up from 11/27 (Tuesday)?
12. A long chain of amino acids is called a ___________.
13. What are the three parts of cell theory?
14. How a trait appears is the ____________ (phenotype or genotype?).
15. When two alleles of a gene are different it is called ______________.
16. Passive transport does not require _________ whereas active transport does.
17. The cell structure that makes ATP (energy) is the ______________.
18. In eukaryotes, DNA is located in the __________.
19. The protective layer that ALL cells have is the _______ _______________.
20. Two structures that plant cells have that animal cells do not have are
_____________ and _____________.