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Australian Voice[5767]

To what extent does your prescribed text representative of
Australian values and aspirations.
The texts are representative of Australian values and aspirations. ‘The Stolen
Children’ by Carmel Bird writes Editor Voice, Victim voice and government voice to
tell the audience about equality of every kind of human beings and allows people to
feel that we should not make difference between with each other. In the song ‘A.B.
original’ , its value of love towards the country Australia is highlighted. Values and
aspirations of two texts are allow people to love this country and treat all
Australians equal.
The editorial voice of Carmel Bird gives a factual introduction to the past atrocities
inflected. Her purpose is to represent Australian value and aspirations. She collects
these stories of Aboriginal children and encourages the audience to connect
emotionally with the pain that is felt by the Aboriginal people. She encourages
readers in the sentence, “We cannot change the past… we may be able… to
change the future for the better.” Her uses inclusive language to create a feeling
that she is including the reader has the same wish as her, which is the society can
change and treat people equally. “The evils of the past always come back to…dark
shadow, …. those evils.” uses repetition, the word “evil” is the representative of the
mistake done by past government. Aboriginal people experienced sad and
miserable past and traumas are left. Bird’s strong editorial voices is conveyed to
make people realise that no matter the colour of the skin, all human beings should
be treated equally.
The victim voice of Aboriginal children highlights their tragically and inhumanity
treatment that they got from past government. They were unequally treated and
taken away from their families by the past government. There is one story about
Anne, who is different with other children. Her mother let her to be taken, her
mother hopes that she will have a better life, get education and can learn to read
and write. “Mum kept…. a good education…. proud i was going to have an
education.” uses repetition of the word “education” to indicate that her mother
believes that it is important to let her daughter get better education and puts faith in
her daughter’s future after she’s being taken away from her. However, she was
being led by the past government and her daughter Anne was never educated as
government promised. In the sentence “Nobody in the family could.” , the word
“nobody” highlights contrast the reality and her mother’s hope. ‘Nobody’ in the
family teach her how to read or write and it explains the reason why her mother
agreed to handover her precise daughter. “It made me feel sad, taking this
photo…the only one she had….” She uses emotive language to prove that she felt
lonely and unhappy because she realised that the past government lied and her
mother left her for nothing.
The Australian government, they took children away from their families to suffer.
They made a big tragic to Aboriginal people. However, the government refused to
serially apologise. John Howard said “I do not believe that current generations of
Australians could be held accountable for of regarded as guilty for the acts of railer
generations….” He uses irony which implies the fact that he did not think that this
was mistake done by them and the past government. “hearsay…interesting, but
valueless” uses descriptive language, the word ‘valueless hearsay’ is used to
express that the government deny the true and try to cover the tragic mistake. Their
irresponsible attitude makes Aboriginal people angry. The three different voices
written by the editor, victims and the government shares different values and
In the song. “A.B.original”, this song sing about Australian day. In Australia, January
26 is nationally celebrated as Australia Day. However, it is known by the Aboriginal
community as Survival Day. “January 26” is also a protest song and personal
reflection on the meaning behind the day. “That's that land-taking, flag-waving
attitude” uses colloquial language to express that their ‘land’ was ‘taken’. The words
of song shows the listener that Aboriginal people dislike others to celebrate it as
happy event of the born of Australia, It is disrespectful to them. “Make us celebrate
anything but survival” The use of repetition to prove the listener today also is
Survival Day, is a tragic day for Aboriginal people. Their value of understanding
Australia National day as their survival day and not celebrating it as the start of a
new country, but as the end of a tragic event is highlighted. Therefore, their special
aspiration of achieve equality in Australia is implied.
The texts are representative of Australian values and aspirations. In ‘The Stolen
Children’ , children’s stories and the editor voice to show the audience their tragic
life and the inhumanity government should seriously apologise to the Aboriginal
people about the mistake. In the song ‘A.B. original’ is sing about Australia Day is
also Survival Day, a sad day for Aboriginal people, their land was taken on January
26. Values and aspirations of two text conveys that history should be faced
mistakes should be reflected. The idea of the equality among all skin colours is true
and distinct Australian voice.
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