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Abdominal Assessment Script

Abdominal Assessment
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Scan environment & patient. Patient and are is safe.
Wash hands & Privacy
Patient name & birthday (check bracelet)
Any stomach pain?
Any nausea or vomiting?
Any constipation or diarrhea?
Change in appetite?
Any problems urinating such as pain or burning?
Report Contour is flat, even, and symmetrical.
Report No abdominal aorta pulsation visible.
Auscultate Bowel sounds starting in RLQ. Report Normoactive sounds heard in all 4 quads.
Auscultate Vascular sounds with Bell. Report No Bruits heard.
Percuss 4 quads starting in RLQ. Report Tympany heard throughout. Dullness over intestines &
Percuss for kidney stones (back) Any pain?
Palpate 4 quads. Any tenderness?
Report no tenderness, masses, nor hernias noted.
Brown Cow:
Any questions?
Bed low
Bed rails up or down?
Call light within reach
Open privacy curtain.
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