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starter curry leaf

The Curry leaf plant is being delivered to you with the bare roots or in a small
These were grown from seeds which came from an Indian mother plant
When received, it needs to be rested for 4 weeks in the same pot and it needs
to be indoors near a window sill ( if temp. is less than 50) or outdoors in a
shaded place
Thereafter, take a 5 gallon container with drainage holes and fill it with the
potting mix recommended in this document
Remove plant from small pot and place in container
Ensure that the plant stands upright and is firmly set in the soil
Water the plant on the sides and wait till the water drains from the bottom
Now keep the plant in a shaded area for about 15 days
As the roots take ground ensure that in the evening the plant is stored indoors
and not exposed to the low temperatures
They like temperatures from 60 to 80
Do not feed any fertilizers for about 2 months
Thereafter as new buds start emerging and the plant grows in height, these
acidic loving plants need fertilizers as recommended in this document
Wish you the best with maintenance of this plant
In case of any questions plz drop me a line and I will gladly respond to your
questions and help you in every way possible
Potting /planting mix
50% Supersoil brand Palm / Cactus mix and
either 50% native soil (If planting into the ground) or 50% Azalea/Camellia mix
(Acid Mix) if transplanting into a larger container.
Once a month from March to October with a slow-release dry granular
product such as Osmacote ( for acid-loving plants)
Liquid fish fertilizer(Atlas or Alaska brand) - 3 Tablespoons per gallon dilution
rate and 6 cups of the diluted fish solution to each curry leaf.
Every other month apply some form of iron based product to it as well. Try
using approximately 20% iron sulfate (Green colored, sand textured, dry
product) at the rate of only two tablespoons per plant and increase the
quantity as the plant grows. There are other iron products available such as
chelated forms of iron (Powdered). One such product is called GROW MORE
Iron Chelate 10% and I would only apply 1 teaspoon per plant every other
Apply 3 tablespoons powdered gypsum the month after the application of
iron ( In other words, do not apply the gypsum at the same time as the iron).
Keep in mind that the above mentioned suggestions are important for helping
the plant actively grow while it is still young (For the next two years).
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