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Top 5 Oil and Gas Directory

Top 5 Oil and Gas Directory
From something as simple as heating our homes to flying on airplanes, Oil and Gas
have always been major contributors. The same reason is why Oil and Gas Industries
are greatly successful and have such high revenue. It is also one of the world’s most
important source of energy since the mid-1950s and has been carrying goods and
people ever since!
What such a huge industry needs is proper documentation and organising, for the
convenience of the workers as well the users. Since the present work conditions revolve
around the internet and storing information online, Online Directories are absolutely
Established in the 2000s, Oil, and Gas directories were of huge assistance and people
could rely on them for valid information. Be it a smartphone or a laptop, anyone could
have access to it and find details of the industry.
Oil and Gas directories have since helped these companies to find solutions to all their
business and marketing problems. Several Oil and Gas directories have flourished,
offering a plethora of information and after intense research, here is a list of the Top 5
Oil and Gas directories in the world.
1) Energy Dias
Energy Dais is a complete ecosystem dedicated to the Oil & Gas domain. They
understand the industry inside-out and solve critical problems like material procurement,
business lead generation and recruitment. They increase efficiency and reduce cost in
every aspect of the Oil and Gas companies by connecting them to their digital platform.
They have a simple yet sleek website that is extremely easy to use and simple to
operate. Features like Detailed dashboards, premium product, and business listing,
tender and RFQ portal, projects and events directory along with News and other
industry updates makes it remarkably efficient as it has ready links on its homepage for
anyone to readily use. They have strived to open up business opportunities such as
tenders for manufacturing, engineering, refining, service, audit, exploration
organizations and institutions all around the world. They also help organisations
overcome barriers of culture, language, geographies, and politics making it as simple as
doing business within their own countries. This top Oil and Gas Directory is backed by a
highly functional team to create a “new and dynamic reality” for the Oil and Gas
industry. They believe that in an emerging world of technological shifts and alternative
resources, Oil and Gas is going to have to learn to be a new age business with the
greatest competitive edge and they have been tailored to be a catalyst in that journey.
Their zeal for Oil and Gas pushes them to ensure a sustainable and prosperous future
of the industry.
2) Rigzone
With offices around the world, Rigzone has made its mark in the Oil and Gas industry as
one of the Top 5 Oil and Gas Directories in the world in the past decade. The Rigzone
Equipment Market brings buyers and sellers of oilfield equipment in the Oil and Gas Industry
including land rigs, offshore rigs, drilling equipment, production equipment, and more in a
seamless, worldwide exchange. With up to date statistics, update on the Oil and Gas
Industries, oil and gas prices, news related to Oil and Gas Industry, and employment
opportunities by terms as well as location, Rigzone is a highly efficient Oil and Gas Directory
with hassle-free navigation!
3) Worldoils
With a highly endowed list of features, Worldoils has worked its way up to the Top 5 Oil and
Gas Directories in the world. Their website possesses the answers to all of the problems of
the Oil and Gas Industry. With a promiscuous range of materials for selling or purchase and
by the second updates on the Oil and Gas Industry, Worldoils is highly reliable and the hub
of information of the Oil and Gas Industry.
4) Oil and Gas Directory Middle East
Another immaculate site on the Top 5 Oil and Gas Directories is the Oil and Gas Directory
Middle East. Instead of focusing on the world at large, this website narrows down all of their
concentration on the Middle East which is the focal point of the Oil and Gas Industry. With
carefully listed classifications of the various sectors, it provides information for, this skillfully
crafted website has all the details one needs to know about the Oil and Gas Industry of the
Middle East. It also provides updates and news on the brands and companies with details
on the ways to purchase tools and equipment required for sourcing.
5) Gulf Oil and Gas
Gulf Oil and Gas is a global B2B marketplace for oil and gas and other unconventional
resources. With a list of details on the availability of the products and services they offer,
Gulf Oil and Gas is a greatly efficient website at a glance. Delving deeper into the website
would only unfold the various details and information on the Oil and Gas Industry with a high
availability of resources and soaring employment rates. With a total of 300,000 members,
the website is recruiting, yet again, more candidates with the potential to thrive in the Oil and
Gas Industry. The stark quality of the website makes it one among the Top 5 Oil and Gas
Directories in the world.
With the growth of an industry comes great complexities in its management. The Oil and
Gas Industry is one the major industries in the world requires major help which efficient Oil
and Gas Directories like these expertly provide!