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Kapn0s Money Making Method

Kapn0s’s Money Making Method
Most recent revision; 23/0/2019
Money is what makes the world go round. There’s no doubt that everyone wants money.
And money fever knows no aspirin, The only thing you need to squash your money fever is
this ebook.
How it works
1. As you will read below in this ebook we are essentially scamming for hypebeast
clothing. Only, nobody loses money except Paypal. I’m sure that even if 1000 people
did this method we wouldn’t scratch the surface of their deep pockets. That is why
this isn’t unethical when you think it through
2. Further below, you will get shown a market that is unknown and unsaturated which
you will use to scam on. The only thing these people will lose is time. Paypal will pay
them all the money back,
This guide is going to teach you the essentials and what you need to do this. By the end of
reading it you will know how to;
Make a verified paypal account
The perfect market to scam on
How to avoid pesky Paypal limitations
Avoid monetary holds
The Method
So you’re probably reading this thinking how we will accomplish this. If you follow the
instructions, you will be able to make money easily. If you need any help contact me on
Nulled.to: ​https://www.nulled.to/user/1610318-kapn0s​ . And without further ado: The
Getting a verified Paypal:
This part of the method is extremely simple. First, we will need a VPN (Any free one is fine, I
recommend using ProtonVPN free trial. Or if you wish to buy one use Private Internet
Access). We will need a new email to use on Paypal. So head over to cock.li and hit register,
sign up for the email you want and then login to it at mail.cock.li . Now, we will need a US
number; Head over to textnow with a US VPN on and get a number. If TextNow doesn’t
work you can use twilio or smsvpa ($0.10). Now we will head over to Paypal.com with our
US VPN on and sign up for a personal account. You can use a fake name but not a blatantly
fake name (I used Kapnos Deplug, as opposed to Kapnos The Plug). Now, for the address
bit we will head over to ​https://www.randomlists.com/new-york-addresses​ and put in an
address from there (Be sure to take a note of everything you put in). Next, we will put in the
number we’ve got but not verify it. After this, verify your email. It will then tell you to add a
card or bank which we do not have, so let’s get one. Close out of paypal and connect to a
UK VPN. Then, head over to h
​ ttps://www.payoneer.com​ and sign up. Use the same name as
your paypal account, and use a Gmail address as the email (You need access to it). Get the
rest of the info from ​https://fake-it.ws/?for_country=gb​ and for the ID number just put in 9
random numbers. Wait 6-12 hours to get verified and then head over to Payoneer again
and sign in to the account you made. Choose the “Global Payment Service” option, and
then navigate to the “USD” bit. You will see your bank which you now have (If it says under
review just wait another day and re-login). Copy your bank details and then connect to your
US VPN again and login to Paypal. Add those bank details on there and choose “Verify
Bank”. It will say they sent two amounts to your bank which you need to put in. Wait 24h
and login to Payoneer again (With a UK VPN) and go to view transactions to see the
amounts. Login to Paypal with your US VPN and then put in the amounts. Lo and behold,
your account is verified. But not so fast, you must wait 24h again and then log back in
(Using your US VPN). Your account will be limited. You must go to the remove limitations
page and choose Verify Bank with the amounts and then put them in. Now, go to Verify
Identity and hit resolve then choose continue. It will send a SMS to your number, put in the
code (If you verified your phone number before and it showed up as verified in account
settings it will not work and say the phone number doesn’t belong to you). Then, Hit resolve
next to change password and change it. Log out and log back in and your account is fully
verified with its limitations removed. (This step is optional) Next, go to
https://www.ssn-verify.com/generate​ and choose New York and the year of the DOB on
your account and hit generate. Go to account settings and put in that SSN for further
Now, we will scam on hypebeast markets. We must choose in-demand expensive
hypebeast items and sell them maybe $50-75 cheaper. I use Supreme Box Logo Hoodies as
what I sell. As for markets, there are multiple ones you can choose from. For all of them,
use a US VPN.
The first market: Depop, get an emulator such as KOPlayer or AndyOS and then get the
app. Then, you may connect your Paypal account and scam for hypebeast clothing.
The second market: Etsy, you may use the site and connect your Paypal and scam for the
hypebeast clothing.
The third market: Poshmark, Sign up and connect your Paypal and scam for the hypebeast
There are multiple ways to cashout, my preferred way is buying Steam keys from G2A with
the burner account. Then, heading over to Paxful and selling the keys.
Another way is sending the money to a second burner account and then to your account
(To prevent chargebacks).
Removing Holds:
Monetary holds are annoying for everyone. I will now teach you a simple yet effective way
to render them useless and get your money out. Login to your account, and under the hold
bit it’ll say “Get your money sooner”, click it. Click add tracking info and mark it as shipped.
Now, they will have received an email asking them to confirm this. Contact the buyer and
ask them to choose confirm because “Paypal will not let you ship the clothing until they do”
or some other bs excuse. They will normally do it out of nervousness and being impatient.
You now have your money out of hold!
Closing Notes:
This simple yet effective method is capable of generating you a steady income of large
amounts of money. If you have any queries or questions do not hesitate to ask me.