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DR 1.2

Forum: GA3 - Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural Committee (SOCHUM)
Sponsors: Tajikistan, United States, United Kingdom
Signatories: Philippines, Cambodia, Germany, France, Turkmenistan, India, Iran, Kyrgyzstan,
Turkey, Thailand, Bangladesh, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Belgium
The General Assembly,
Deeply Concerned about the unjust treatment of Uighur Muslims in re-education camps by the
Chinese government,
Aware that the Chinese government has the best interest of its citizens in mind,
Considering the historical examples of cultural cleansing,
Appreciating the efforts taken by the international community to ensure harmony,
Acknowledging the right of trial by jury, life, liberty, and security of person,
1. Encourages the Chinese government to promote peace and harmony with the Uighur
Muslims in ways such as but not limited to,
a. Holding public conferences, in which,
The representatives for Hans and Uighurs form a 1:1 ratio
Ensuring transparency by making the conferences public to all citizens and
the international community,
b. Rebuilding the mosques and religious schools that were destructed;
2. Further urges to lessen restrictions on Uighurs and granting the Uighurs freedoms such as
but not limited to,
a. Abstaining from the food of their choosing, such as pork,
b. Naming their children according to their personal wishes,
c. Traveling and visit relatives,
d. Following their religions and beliefs,
e. Using their own language,
f. Obtain passports and travel freely
g. Expressing opinions and ideas without legal repercussions;
3. Declares accordingly China reforms its re-education camps in methods such as but not
limited to,
a. Refraining from actions such as but not limited to,
Solitary confinement,
Physical beatings,
Gathering of Facial recognition and DNA samples,
Surveillance in private quarters,
Depriving the Uighurs of the right of eating and sleeping,
b. Refraining from Indoctrinating or forcing the Uighurs to do actions such as but
not limited to,
Singing songs praising the Communist Party and/or Xi Jinping,
Disobeying the doctrine of Islam (not wearing veils, eating pork, drinking
Taking unprescribed medicines,
c. Increasing sanitation by separating the bathroom from the bedroom,
d. Providing sufficient food, water, and nourishment,
e. Prevent overcrowded and non-private living condition;
4. Further resolves the current internees be re-trialed by an unbiased jury, meaning
a. the jury is investigated by UN thorough, making sure they did not take any bribes,
b. The jury includes both Uighurs and Han Chinese.