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Domain III Sample Study Plan

Domain III – Compliance
I answered 61 out of 83 correct. So I had 22 wrong. I need to refresh compliance. Especially the
following areas:
1. Federal Sentencing Guidelines
2. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
3. HHS Office of Inspector General
4. Security awareness program
5. Role of the Middle managers
6. The deficit Reduction Act of 2005
7. Utilization management & review
8. Business associate agreements
9. Which facilities do not have to meet Conditions of Participation
10. Health Care quality Improvement Act
11. Role of the CEO
12. Role Based access to systems
13. Administrative safeguards
14. Medicare Integrity Program
15. Design of forms for an EDMS
16. Electronic Form designs
17. Different types of sign on
18. Elements of a coding compliance plan
19. Know the definition of an ABN
20. Define a demand letter