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Transport units: Switchboards are supplied as a single unit or groups of two for shipping
from the works. The vacuum circuit breaker [VCB] truck, with switching device in
open condition and with all springs discharged is fixed into the housing for transit,
in the “test” position and when unloaded can be withdrawn only after removing
the transit locking. For identification purpose, these brackets are painted yellow.
After withdrawal of the truck the Locking Brackets are to be discarded. For
withdrawal of VCB Truck outside the panel refer chapter 4.
For shipment overseas the transport units are bolted on to wooden pallets and
are sealed by water resistant synthetic cover.
Following equipment required for unloading:
i) Overhead crane capacity - 5 ton (min).
ii) Belt length - 10 m , load capacity - 5 ton (min)
iii) Forklift