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Yoga Quiz

Maharishi Institute
Yoga course
Quiz: Two
Time: 10 min.
Answer ALL the Questions.
This is a closed book assessment.
Student No.
Facilitator: Mr. T Mkaza
Closed book Test
Choose the correct answer from the list given. Encircle only the correct answer.
1.) The following constitute a proper eating habit:
a. ½ food
b. ¼ water or liquid
c. ¼ air/ empty
d. All of the above
2.) The following are the benefits of pad-sanchalan asana
a. Improves heap joint
b. Improves digestion
c. Helps accumulate fat
d. None of the above
3.) The following are the benefits of chetan-asana
a. Relaxes the body.
b. Causes insomnia
c. Strengthen knee joints
d. Stretches belly muscles
4.) Bhagavad Gita was written by
a. Vyasadeva
b. Maharishi
c. Patanjali
d. Shiva
5.) One of the three types of karma as per Bhagavad Gita are
a. sikarma
b. likarma
c. vikarma
d. nikarma
6.) Yoga codes were written by:
a. Maharishi
b. Shiva
c. Patanjali
d. Vyasa
7.) Pad means:
a. A hand
b. A foot
c. nose
d. an eye
Closed book Test
8.) This is one of the three subdivisions of Bhagavad - gita
a. Karma yoga,
b. kundalini yoga
c. Maharishi yoga
d. Kriya yoga
9.) One of these is the quality of the soul
a. It can be killed by a bullet
b. It can be killed by poison
c. It can not be withered by the fire.
d. It can die in the ocean
10.) The following are some of the widely practised yoga Sadhanas
a. Dhyana
b. Dharana
c. Samadhi
d. None of the above.
11.) The three doshas are
a. Karma, akarma, vikarma
b. Mind, intelligence, ego
c. Kapha, vatta, pita
d. Earth, water, fire
12.) Pranayama means
a. Development of awareness of breathing
b. Development of awareness of the body
c. Development of awareness of the mind
d. Development of awareness of the soul
13.) Gross body is
a. Spiritual energy
b. Heat energy
c. Electrical
d. Material energy
14.) One of these is not an asana
a. sukh asana
b. Suph asana
c. Kat asana
d. Chetan asana
Closed book Test
15.) One of these is not part of dina charya
a. Waking up early
b. Watching TV
c. Drinking a glass of water
d. Rinsing the mouth
16.) Pita means
a. ice
b. cold
c. wet
d. fiery
17.) Ardh means
a) full
b) empty
c) half
d) None of the above
18.) One of the following is not the body system
a) Cardio vascular system
b) Digestive system
c) Excretory system
d) Human placement system
19.) One of the following is not an asana
a) Kat-asana
b) Sarvang-asana
c) Pad-sanchalan-asana
d) Vajr-asana
20.) Walking …….. an asana
a) is
b) is not
c) may not be
d) should be
Closed book Test