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John A. Ferguson Sr. High School
Mr. Rowe, Room 1047
[email protected]
Dear Student/Parents:
I am looking forward to another academic year, here at John A. Ferguson Sr. High School. I ask of every student to come
with a cooperative attitude of wanting to learn to do his or her personal best at all times. The past year has provided you
with the framework of transition into an educated professionalism, but as you advance academically so do the challenges
and responsibilities. These aspects are vital to your success! Yes, your attitude does determine your altitude, in other
words, your motivation to be responsible and consistently involved in your classroom and home learning will establish
your future academic and professional success. My priority is to assist you in your educational journey.
Parents, as you discuss these expectations with your child please sign in the appropriate space. This will be each student’s
first graded assignment, so it is urgent that this contract and parent receipt page is returned with respective signatures.
Classroom Policies and Procedures:
1. You are to be seated when the bell rings. If you are not seated, you are late. Once you have accumulated three
unexcused tardies, you will receive an administrative referral and a conduct cut. Every tardy thereafter also
results in an administrative referral and conduct cut.
2. If you are late to class for any reason, you must have a pass. If you do not have a pass, the tardy will be
considered unexcused, and the procedures outlined in number 1 will be followed.
3. If you have English 1st or 2nd period, the 7:20 bell is your late bell. If you are not inside the classroom seated
quietly working, you are late.
4. Bells do not release students; teachers do. Remain seated at all times unless you have been given permission to
stand up. Save trash during class time and discard at the end of the period.
5. Unless advised of in association to class curriculum, the use of cell phones, ipods, gaming units, and other
electronic devices are prohibited from being used during school hours. If found in violation of this, the device
will be confiscated and you will receive a zero on the assignment upon which you are working on.
6. Attendance is essential! Students with excused absences will be allowed to make up work. Make up work is due
the next class session. You will be permitted to turn in work after absences ONLY if you have a stamped
excused note from the office. If your absence is unexcused, your work will not be graded; however, I will
accept it because I will not deny any student the opportunity to complete an assignment. It is your responsibility
to find out what you missed from a fellow student, either before or after class.
7. If you are on a field trip or in the building for a school activity, you MUST in any assignments that are due the
same day as if you were in class. If you do not, you will receive an automatic zero.
8. I am here to serve your education, so if you need to make up work, discuss your grades, or take a quiz./test, make
arrangements with me immediately.
9. Late work will not be accepted unless prior arrangements have been made. This approval is made at teacher’s
10. Bathroom passes are for emergencies only. Students will receive three bathroom passes per nine weeks. If none
of the passes are used at the end of the grading period, the student will receive 35 extra-credit points toward 9week total/final points. Students may not use the restroom during a lesson. Each pass submitted after the 3 rd will
result in -15pts/infraction off 9-week total/final points.
11. Gum is not permitted in class.
12. Sleeping in class is not permitted. Such behavior will result in an administrative referral and a conduct cut.
13. No grooming of any kind will be tolerated in class. This includes hair combing, nail painting, perfume, makeup,
etc. Failure to comply will result in a conduct cut.
14. Respect yourself, your classmates, and your teacher. Do not talk when anyone else, either the teacher or another
student, is talking.
Intellectual Dishonesty and Plagiarism:
The definition of plagiarize as defined in Webster’s New World Dictionary is to take ideas, writings, etc. from
and pass them off as one’s own.
Plagiarism in any form will result in an automatic zero on the assignment without the opportunity
to make it up. You will receive an ‘F’ in conduct for the nine weeks. An administrative referral
will be written. Penalties handed down may be as severe as non-acceptance to or expulsion from the IB Diploma
All parties involved will be subject to the above policy.
Academic Requirements:
1. You should be prepared with proper materials everyday. This means that you need to bring both your notebook
and appropriate book to class each day.
2. Your work must be turned in on loose-leaf paper. Work done on spiral bound paper will not be accepted!
3. Your work must be done in blue or black ink. Work done in pencil will not be accepted.
4. Any work not turned in will receive an automatic zero.
Required Material- Must be brought to class DAILY!
o 1 composition book
o Required textbook/reading
o Three ring binder with loose-leaf paper. We will utilize the Microsoft OneNote Class Notebook.
o Pens (blue, black, red), Pencils
o Minimum of 7 different colored highlighters
o 6 Dividers (Warm-up, CW/HW, Notes, Handouts, Writing, Vocab)
Evaluation Procedures:
o Quizzes will be given at any time to make sure students are grasping the material, as well as, to monitor
self-discipline in completing tasks required
o Expect a home learning assignment every night
o Expect unit exams upon the completion of units of study.
o Expect at least one writing assignment a week.
o Conduct grades are determined by your class participation, attitude, degree of effort and cooperation,
and overall behavior.
Grading Scale:
90 – 100%
80 – 89%
70 – 79%
60 – 69%
0 – 59%
Worksheets/Daily Assignments
4.00 - 3.50
3.49 - 2.50
2.49 – 1.50
1.49 – 1.00
.99 and below
x 1-3
x 3+
I have read and understand the policies and expectations. I also acknowledge that I have a responsibility to check
Mr. Rowe’s website and calendar each day for assignments, information, and continued communication toward
overall success.
Student signature
Print Name (student)
Parent/Guardian signature
Dear Parents,
We would like to welcome you and your child to the new school year at John A.
Ferguson Senior High. The curriculum for the 11th grade IB English classes is structured to
develop internationally minded individuals who, recognizing their common humanity and shared
guardianship of our planet help to create a better, more peaceful world. This year’s course is
comprised of two parts – one in the study of language and mass communication and one to the
study of literature. The study of the texts produced in a language is central to an active
engagement with language and culture, and, by extension, to how we see and understand the
world in which we live. A key aim of the IB Language and Literature course is to encourage
students to question the meaning generated by language and texts. Helping students to focus
closely on the language of the texts they study and to become aware of the role of each text’s
wider context in shaping its meaning is central to the course. The IB Language and Literature
course aims to develop in students’ skills of textual analysis and the understanding that texts,
both literary and non-literary, can be seen as autonomous yet simultaneously related to culturally
determine reading practices. This course reflects the interests and concerns that are relevant to
students while developing a range of transferable skills. An understanding of the way in which
formal elements are used to create meaning in a text is combined with an exploration of how that
meaning is affected by reading practices that are culturally defined by the circumstances of
production and reception.
The demands of this class will be rigorous, and completion of assignments will be one
key to your child’s success in this program. Your child will be graded on class participation and
engagement in activities, depth of knowledge and comprehension of content and tasks, and
project-based learning. Your child’s Individual Oral Commentary will be in May, and the
final selection for Written Task 1 will be due in June. Both of these examinations are
mandated by the I.B. curriculum and must be completed in order for the student to be
eligible for the IB diploma.
We encourage parental questions, suggestions, and concerns. Please feel free to contact
us at any point during the school year. You will find a syllabus, IB calendar of dates, and the
rules and supplies for your child’s class attached to this letter. Please indicate your examination
of these materials by signing the bottom of this letter and having your child return the form. The
best way to contact us is through the Dade County school e-mail. Please give us an e-mail
address so we may respond to you as rapidly as possible.
Mr. Robert Rowe
[email protected]
Mr. Richard Lopez
[email protected]
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