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Demand of install
Microcomputer Thermostat Serial
《EW-285 Directions》
Welcome to choose our instruments. This product is
a specialize micro-computer temperature controller for
refrigerator and freezer. The panel in English takes it
easy to use and avoid entering confusing menu represents the parameter setting. Our sensor is precisely made and sealed. It is moisture proof, therefore its performances are more stable and reliable.
1.The voltage must accord with controller's demand.
The voltage's deviation is no more than ±5%.
2.The sensor line must keeps away from the power line.
3.Must distinction the interface with the sensors, power
and output relay.
Thermal insulating material
Defrosting sensor
规 格 说明Specifications:
The sensor is installed the distance 5-10cm.
1、Operating voltage : AC220V
Low-voltage air-return pipe
Wiring diagram
2、Output Load : 10A/220V/AC
3、Power Consumption: ≤3W
4、Working environment : -10℃ ~50℃ R H≤90%
Output Load:
5、Control Range: —5 0℃ ~50℃
6、Resolving Power:1℃
Accuracy: ±1℃
7、Input signal: one-way storage temperature sensor,
one-way defrosting sensor
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
9、Starter Size: 92(length)×44(wide)mm
8、Overall Dimension:120(length)×53(wide)×84(high)mm
Storehouse D efrost
Demand of install
Appearance Panel
Parameter setting: Hold the Set key until the light for
setting temperature is On. Press the Set key each time for
each menu setting (Recyclable operation). After enter
menu, press
to change the parameter.
Parameters for Procedure
Indicator light
Factory setting
Temperature setting light On
Setting range: -50~50℃
Press the Set key again
The return difference
temperature light On
Setting range: 1~15℃
Press the Set key again
Run cycle light On
Setting range: 1~99 hours
Press the Set key again
Defrosting time light On
Setting range: 1~45 minutes
10 minute
Press the Set key again
Delay time light On
Setting range: 1~5 minutes
3 minute
Press the Set key again
Exit defrosting temperature
light On
Setting range: 5~35℃
Defrosting light On
The controller would firstly start the automatic defrosting
function, then automatically operates according to the
primeval settings.
Hold the Set key for 6 seconds
Hold the Heat key [forcing to
defrost] for 6 seconds
Press the Heat Temp key
[defrosting temp. display ]
Press the Time key
[remaining time ]
Both hold the key
for 6 seconds.
None indicator light is bright
None indicator light is bright
All indicator lights are bright
6 hour
Press the Set key on display the
primeval settings, then press
can change the
settings, and finally the
controller will run automatically to the new parmeter.
Display temperature of the defrosting sensor
Larger digital displays
It displays the remaining time in the run cycle during
refrigeration, while displays defrosting remaining time
when it defrosts.
Larger digital means hours
Smaller digital means minutes
Temperature correction settings:-15~15℃
Larger digital displays
Feature Descriptions:
Cooling: When the current temperature ≥ setting temperature + temperature hysteresis (D) and delay the setting of the
"delay time", (The load relay is on) compressor starts,running indicator lights on, thermostat indicator light off.
Defrost Stop:
1.When defrost sensor temperature≥exit defrost temperature
or got to the setting of “defrosting time”, exit defrost (Default
2 minutes defrost dripping time after defrost ). The defrost indicator is off. Thermostat indicator lights on. Controller will
return back to the normal control status. Then beginning of the
next defrost cycle time is running.
Cooling Stop: When the current temperature ≤ the setting temperature, the cooling relay is off; the running indicator is off;
thermostat indicator lights on.
Defrost Star:
When the instrument after defrost ( or boot) to run a set
"running cycle" and defrost sensor temperature < exit temperature
defrost, then into defrost. The defrost indicator is on; thermostat
indicator lights off. Cooling relay off, running lights off.
Note: When you press Heat key, if defrost sensor temperature
≥exit defrost temperature, the system can not enter defrost stage, to keep the current state.
Trouble shooting
No display when
power is on.
Display but machine
does not work
Defrost is not completed
Defrosting does not work
Displayed temperature
is unstable or there exists
check to see if the power is shorted circuit or the
thermostat is failed.
The setting temperature is higher than the current
The heat protector is open circuit because the
pressure is over loads.
The heat protector within compressor is open
The defrosting time is too short.
The temperature of defrosting withdrawal is
too low.
Defrosting sensor is not correctly installed.
Defroster has burned out.
The wiring or device for controlling defroster failed
The temperature for defrosting withdrawal is lower
than that in cold storage house.
The sensor wiring is interfered, poorly contacted
or is tied with other cables. The circuit is damaged.
Check power supply and change fuse.
Check if there is 220V power input or change
thermostat with our distributor.
Reset the necessary controlling temperature.
Check the reasons for overload and overheating.
After the trouble is solved, restart to work.
Reset defrosting time.
Increase temperature for defrosting withdrawal.
Check installation by the diagram.
Change defroster.
Check wiring or device.
Reset temperature for defrosting withdrawal.
Separate sensor wiring with power cables or change
shielded lines or check if the contact is tight or not.
Real temperature is much
difference to thermostat
The locations for the sensors are not correct or sensor
wiring is too long and its resistance is too big. The
wiring contact is poor and the sensor is damaged.
All sensors should be corrected at their locations.
Enlarge the cross section of the expanded wires.
Make sure the wiring sealing, water-proof or Moisture-proof
of performance is good. Change sensor.
Machine does not stop
as soon as the temperature
The sensor is not correctly installed and cannot
measure the correct temperature. The contactor
of compressor failed.
Check if the sensor has accurately measured
the temperature or not. Change compressor contactor.
Return difference value is too small or
the setting for pressure protection is incorrect.
Reset and enlarge the temperature value of return
difference. Adjust setting for pressure protection.
The sensor circuit is opened or shorted.
Check to see if the sensor wiring has good contact with
coupling end or not.
Cooler works with
“E1”、“E2” is displayed
1. Please read the product instruction carefully and connect the
input/output lines of power supply and sensors to corresponding
terminals according to the wiring diagram. Tighten all connecting
terminals and screws and make sure all wiring is correct before
power-on. Otherwise, wrong wiring would affect performance and
control of the system, or even lead to damage or burnout of temperature control chip.
2. Keep this product away from moist, corrosive air and high
magnetic field. Otherwise normal operation of this product would
be affected.
3. This product has been inspected rigidly before dispatch. We
provide one-year warranty against any quality problem (of the
product itself). This warranty will be void in case of any damage
resulted from unauthorized dismantling of the product.
If you have any questions or problems concerning the electronic
temperature or humidity controller made by us, please contact our
distributors and we will provide you high-quality after-sale services.
Guangzhou Eliweli Automatic Control
Technology. Co., Ltd.
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