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Good afternoon viewers, i'm Michael sibuea welcome to' Seputar Indonesia program'
bringing you eye on the News for Monday, 6 may 2019.
Police Headquarters 88 Detachment Team triggered suspected Lampung Network
terrorists at Perum Pondok Afi 1 Babelan, Bekasi Regency, West Java, Saturday 2, may 2019
The suspected terrorist was arrested in a shop in KampungPangkalan,KedungPengawas
Village, Babelan District, Bekasi.
In the raid two shots were shot dead and two others were still in search. They fled
with active explosives. From the data gathered, the raids were carried out at 04.00 am. Until
12:30 am, the Puslab Team for the National Police Headquarters was still conducting crime
scenes. Related articles were published.
Until now, the police are still carrying out the approval process by the Inafis Team and
pursuing two other suspected terrorists who have escaped.
All right, now we turn to foreign news, namely Chimps that are viral playing Instagram.
A few weeks ago, videos featuring playing Instagram chimpanzees were viral on
social media. The video is worth keeping scrolling the screen to see photos on Instagram like
The viral video was first uploaded by Kody Antle, son of the founder of Myrtle Beach
Safari, Mahamayavi Bhagvan Antle, on Instagram, April 21, 2019. Myrtle Beach Safari is a
center that supports liars in South Carolina, United States. However, the video has drawn
controversy. Some people deserve to see what is behaving like humans.
The chimpanzee in the viral video was named Sugriva. According to KodyAntle, the
primate is looking at photos and playing videos stored on Instagram. This behavior is very
adaptive and has high curiosity.
Let's watch the video!!!
Okay that's all of the news for today. We meet again in the same time and same channel. I
am Michael say Thank you for your attention and good bye.